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The Bold And The Beautiful: Thomas Is Concerned About His Sister While Quinn Gloats In Her And Shauna’s Victory


They say a leopard can’t change their spots but Thomas has for the time being. He is concerned about Steffy. Meanwhile, Quinn gloats to Shauna that they manipulated Ridge into a marriage.

Life is currently difficult for Steffy as she struggles to cope with her pain after her motorcycle crash. Big brother Thomas is concerned about her and it goes to show how much he’s changed since his sham wedding. Then, there’s Quinn who is happy that her bestie, Shauna has managed to snag herself a Forrester while it breaks Brooke’s heart.

Boy, there’s a lot to talk about in this post.

Concerned Thomas

Thomas has been worried about his sister since she returned home from the hospital. It’s clear how much the dude has reflected on his past actions. How long this will last anyone’s guess. Anyway, he is concerned about Steffy and would do anything to help her feel more at ease.

Steffy, wanting to be tough, attempts to brush him yet again, but there’s no fooling her big brother. He knows her far too well to see that she is not coping with her pain. He urges her to get more pain medication but she explains that she spoke to Doctor Finnegan and he told her that she would have take over-the-counter meds.

If we were Thomas, we’d be concerned too.

Shauna’s Guilt Continues To Get Away At Her As Brooke’s Heart Breaks

Shauna might be happy to be married to Ridge, but she doesn’t like the way she and Quinn went about securing the fashion designer as the Vegas mother-of-one’s husband.

Quinn is naturally over the moon that her BFF is now a Forrester like she is and how they’re both matriarchs. Ahh… they aren’t ladies of the house! That’s something we’ll go over later. At least Shauna has some semblance of a conscience. She feels guilty for manipulating the situation and she knows that she can’t force her new hubby to love her. Damn straight!

What’s annoying about Quinn is she thinks Brooke is the most evilest person in the universe. Has she looked at her own track record? She become obsessed with Liam and pushed Ivy off a bridge! She even made Hope ‘accidentally’ miscarry her first child. The Forresters didn’t Eric involved with her and they boycotted the wedding.

Shauna should just come clean to her husband, regardless of what Quinn tells her. The lie is going to eat her up if it’s not careful. Good luck with that.

Brooke, meanwhile is devastated that her ‘destiny’ is now no longer her husband and is married to her rival, Shauna. She is seen in tears even while she talks to Donna about what’s been going on. We’re going to see her on a mission to work out what happened and whether Ridge did file those divorce papers on his own free will.

Ridge To Overhear Something He’s Not Meant To

Ridge knows he eff’d up BIG time. He was so drunk that he doesn’t remember anything from the night he married Shauna. He doesn’t recall texting Carter about putting in the divorce papers, which is very true given it wasn’t him that got him to do it; it was his new wife.

However, there’s been hints that he’s going to overhear something that was NOT supposed to be heard, especially by him. Now, we’re not sure what he’s going to overhear. For all we know, it might be Quinn and Shauna talking about their little victory lap to shun Brooke into silence.

It could be anything but it might be the one small victory Brooke is probably hoping for. Though, we’ve heard that she’s going to admit defeat and that Shauna won over her man. She’s been with Ridge on and off for over thirty years for those trying to keep track.

Look out Quinn because your ideal world is going to come undone.

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