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Babes Against Bullshit: Trump Conceded Without Conceding… WTF?!

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Yeah, I know. I’ve written a load of BaBS posts about the Trumps lately, but they piss me off so there you have it. Anyway, I wanted to talk about the news we got of President Donny Boy backtracking on a concession speech. Here’s what happened. According to 9News, the Prez (cannot believe I referring to him as this) acknowledged that President-elect Joe Biden had won, but than blamed it on a string of conspiracy theories. In a nutshell, he conceded but not really…? *throwing myself against a brick wall*

Talk about delusional! The man is a sore loser – as his ex-wife, Ivana has said – who doesn’t want to acknowledge he lost. If he had actually conceded, people like his son-in-law (and lackey), Jared Kushner wouldn’t be on his case.

At least any decent politician who has either been voted out of the White House or has been been defeated by their opponent in a race to power has conceded gracefully. With Trump, however, he’s being a big baby to the point that he’s likely tweeting from the safety of under the POTUS’ oak desk.

While it’s Ivana’s fault her ex-husband has a Twitter account, she was right when she said that all she wants is him to give it up so things can go back to some form of normalcy. When you’re a Trump, nothing is ever normal. At least Donald’s niece, Mary cut ties with her family years ago. She knew what type of person her uncle is and wanted to distance herself as much as possible. If I’m honest, this was a seriously smart move.

‘Conceded’ Is Not In Trump’s Vocab!

Had Trump conceded to his loss, Biden’s transition into the White House would be more smooth. What really pisses me off about what the current administration is doing, is they’re preventing office space to be given to the incoming team.

Also, it is just me or has the term, ‘conceded’ not once entered Trump’s vocab once since he lost. And I’m not including his Twitter rant here. His inability to acknowledge his defeat is so undiplomatic on more levels than even I’m willing to admit.

The Donald has only ever had everything he’s ever wanted handed to him on a cliche silver platter. If he got himself into trouble, there would always be someone around to dig him out. This time, however, is very different. He’s the Commander-in-Chief and there is no one above him to pull him out of his hole. Basically, he’s dug himself so far down, there’s no way he can pull himself back up.

What I Think Will Happen When Biden Is Sworn Into Office *insert sarcasm here*

Now, I don’t want to make up a fictional narrative just for the sake of this BaBS post, but I can’t resist. So, here’s what I think will happen on Trump’s final few days in office.

Melania will walk into the Oval Office to see her husband under the desk with his phone in his hand. He looks worse for wear as he knows there are FBI agents outside the White House ready to arrest him. Ivanka walks in with an empty box, dumps it on the desk and walks out without saying anything to her father.

Trump crawls out from under the desk and closes the door, much to the confusion of his wife. He asks her to help him to push the bookcases and the desks against the door.

Meanwhile in the US Capitol, Joe Biden is sworn into office with the whole world wondering what the now former President is doing with all those FBI agents outside the White House.

Inside the Oval Office, Trump has barricaded himself in with Melania. It has been hours since he blocked the FBI out. Little does he realise, Joe Biden has entered the White House with his family and his Vice President Kamala Harris and her family, well aware that his predecessor doesn’t want to leave.

The FBI inform the two families that the Trumps don’t want to leave. Biden then issues the order to find a way in. It doesn’t take long for the authorities to pull the former First couple out of the office, kicking and screaming. Melania blasts her husband and wants a divorce.

All this happens while Ivanka, Don Jr and Eric watch as their father and stepmother are forced out onto the lawn and into FBI labelled vans.

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