The Narrative Us Sane People Have Been Trying To Expose For The Last Few Years – Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Are NOT Building Compassion Around The World Like They Claim


Compassion begins with leading by example and that hasn’t happened with Harry and Meghan…

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry claim they are all about compassion and spreading it like Tinkerbell’s pixie dust across the world. Though, for a long time they have not done what they preach. This still continues to happen today and with bullying allegations still very much fresh, The Sun has made it very much apparent that they’re not living up to their woke philosophy.

Yes, the world needs to have compassion but it takes more than just two ex-working royals to lay the groundwork. If they actually cared about it, they wouldn’t be bullying staff, ditching their family and calling themselves victims of something that they themselves started.

There is more to life that riches and fame and yet, screaming ‘we want our privacy’ despite still courting the media seems to be the way to go. Harry might be a lot of things, but he is simply riding his wife’s coattails. If she tells him to do something, he’ll do it, even if he knows it is wrong.

For a person to show true compassion, they don’t make themselves the victim when they don’t get their own way. They simply move forward and accept it However, Meghan is so determined to feed the world her “We’re the leaders of compassion” vomit fest that sane people are forced to roll their eyes and bury their heads in their hands.

Meghan and Harry might sprout the whole compassion narrative on their Archewell website, but it’s just crap to show themselves as innocent bystanders who did nothing wrong despite there being evidence of their horrible behaviour.

Professionals Don’t Feed Bullshit To The Press

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[Credit: Daily Mail]

Now, why would professionals who work for Kensington Palace make up stuff about a member of the royal family? Meghan is feeding the narrative as she always does that no one liked her because of her race. No, Megs it has nothing to do with your ethnicity. It has to do with your appalling behaviour.

Only a petty person would court the tabloids and feed them crap to get revenge. Now, we read something fascinating from Showbusiness Editor for the Mail on Sunday (you know, the newspaper Meghan sued), Katie Hind. In her piece which was reposted to the blog Lizzie (the other), the journalist revealed that in 2013, she reluctantly agreed to meet the former actress in London at the behest of her UK publicist, Neil Ransome. Before we continue, the article was written in October 2019 when the South Africa interview when live.

She went on to say that Meghan all but BEGGED her to be put in the tabloids, even if it was just at the bottom of her column which she (Katie) wrote weekly. Now, the Daily Mail is known to write some pretty cringy stuff, but we don’t think the showbiz journalist would jeopardise her career just for clickbait.

Going back to the whole thing about compassion, if Meghan really did want to be a good person, she wouldn’t be talking to Oprah. She would’ve accepted that Harry will never be on the throne. But no. She wants to succeed at everything and will not accept failure. There’s no shame in aspiring to be successful but there will always be setbacks.

Compassion Works Both Ways

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[Credit: US Weekly]

If Meghan and Harry really wants to the work to show compassion, they need to be active in the cause too. They can’t just preach about it and not do it themselves. It’s self-sabotage even if they don’t want to see it. Since all the negative press started, their feeble attempt to repair their reputations has failed.

There is a reason why they have not been successful. They have not been showing any form of compassion to the royal family, the media, or the public. All they’ve done is called themselves victims and complained that they’ve been treated unfairly.

They do realise that Prince Philip who is 99 is in hospital, don’t they? If they cared, they would postpone the Oprah interview until he was better. We’ll dive deeper into this in another post. Right now, though, all they care about is being famous.

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