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How A Conflict Of Interest Became A Common Purpose – The Reason Kamala Harris And Joe Biden Joined Forces

common purpose

A common purpose. That is one of a millions ways to sum up how soon-to-be President of the United States, Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris came to saw a close bond…

They might look like a formidable force on stage together but Joe Biden and Kamala Harris weren’t always friendly. As longtime politicians, they had their opposing views. However, there was one person who bought them together and made them equal; the late Beau Biden. They shared a common purpose.

Joe is a family man who adores his family. He had already lost so much in life prior to losing Beau. When his sons were young, their mother Neilia Hunter Biden and their infant sister, Naomi were killed in a car crash while out Christmas shopping in December 1972. This left their father devastated but he fought on for his boys. The future 46th President of the United States would later marry Jill Jacobs and have a daughter with her, Ashley in 1981.

Jill embraced Beau and his brother, Hunter as her own and they called her ‘mom’. In fact, the boys gave their permission for their dad to remarry as they wanted him be happy.

Like Joe, Kamala adores her family. While she does not have children of her own, she has come to see her stepchildren, Cole and Ella as her son and daughter. Harris is a big sister to Maya, aunt to Meena and great-aunt to Meena’s two young daughters. She is also wife to husband Doug.

Kamala’s greatest love is for her kids whom call her ‘Momala’ as they hate having to refer to her as their stepmother. She is even the inspiration for a children’s book written by Meena.

The Beau Effect

Joe and Kamala’s relationship with Beau might’ve been different, but they shared a common purpose when they joined forced to take back the White House. Yes, they wanted to restore America, but their goal was to also honour Beau’s legacy and the dream he had to see his dad as president.

Beau’s love for his father was obvious. While he never got to see his father take office as President, he did get to see his inauguration as Vice President. He even became friends with the Obamas. Barack gave the eulogy at his funeral.

Kamala’s friendship with Beau gave her the strength to put aside her differences with Joe and to honour her friend. The former Vice President also wanted the same, knowing it would make his son proud.

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