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Try The Colour Blast Range At Boost!

Time to try Boost Juice’s Colour Blast range….

We’ve had a bit of an obsession with Boost Juice lately. We’ve wanted to be as healthy as possible and so we decided to try this fantastic place. However, the drinks are a bit expensive. If you can look past that, you’d be thoroughly impressed. Just the other day, we decided to jump into the new Colour Blast range. Make makes these new smoothies so exciting is the vibrant colours.

Just take a look at the feature image on this post. We had the Pink Dragonfruit one, so the pink one you see in the picture. We took a peek at the range’s page on the official Boost website and were genuinely surprised to learn that there was actually Pink Dragonfruit in the smoothie. Originally, we thought it was just a fancy drink name.

Colour Blast
[Credit: Photo by me]

The other two drinks we haven’t tried yet but we’re busting to give them ALL a go. There is a blue one called Blue Space and a purple one called Purple Crush. It was surprising that there wasn’t a green Colour Blast. That would’ve been epic if there were. if we’re honest here, Purple Crush gives us serious Thanos vibes.

Colour Blast is all about space and giving the impression that the drinks came from another plant. This is super interesting because it makes our love of Boost even more potent.

The importance of creativity is what makes the Colour Blast range so special. We cannot wait to see what the others taste like. Excuse our space puns but they are going to be outta this world. As stupid as that sounds coming from us, it just shows how fond we are of the new smoothies without being over the top about it. Cannot wait to see how the others taste.

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