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College Admissions Scandal: Social Media Influencer Olivia Jade Knew Parents Were Committing Crime

Operation: Varsity Blues

Nine Honey reports that YouTuber Olivia Jade knew her parents were involved with the college admissions scandal. In a previous post, I put together a collection of videos from other YouTubers expressing their opinions.

Coming from someone who didn’t get decent marks on her HSC, I am unsurprised by this. Olivia said repeatedly in her videos she didn’t want to go to college and yet, her mother became insistent she and her sister go. What I can see is Olivia, who many girls admire, going down the spoilt brat route and kept her mouth shut. She would’ve known she’d taken a spot in from someone who wanted to go!

Also, no love lost from this blogger. Before this scandal broke, I didn’t know who Olivia Jade was. I knew who her mother was, but not her. I didn’t even recall anything saying Lori had daughters. Goes to show how ignorant I am, right?  I’ve also seen snippets of some of Olivia’s videos in news reports and she comes across as spoilt. Moreover, I’ve seen YouTube channels with more influencing power than Olivia. Look at Zoella for one. She has over 11M followers while Oliva only has 1.9M followers. There’s a huge difference in followers between them.

It takes forever to build up a channel, but Olivia shouldn’t have said in her videos how much she hated school and then said she was going to college. Saying something like that is unprofessional and Olivia should have understood that.

If the possibility came, this blogger would say to Olivia:

Life isn’t perfect, girl. Your parents remember what it’s like, to begin with no identity. They had to earn their money. While They want what’s best for you and your sister, doesn’t mean you should have gone along with their plot. You should have stood up for those who can’t afford college. You didn’t. Your thoughts only protected yourself and your parents who threw away good money for something they were pressuring you to do. I can think of better ways to use $500k than cheating someone’s way into college. If I had wealth, I would do good like donating the cash to charity. Consider your fans and not yourself. If you care about your followers, be a positive influence, not one that lies and cheats their way into a place they don’t want to be.

What’s your view on Olivia’s knowledge? Should she have said something? Comment below!

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