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Home And Away: Jasmine Bails Colby Out After He’s Arrested!


Colby’s former love interest Jasmine bails him out when he is arrested for Ross’ murder and is about to face trial. What will happen next?

Jasmine’s desire to follow in Tori’s footsteps to become a single mum is beginning to unravel already as her ideal baby daddy, Colby is arrested for the murder of his stepfather. Furthermore, she bails him out. She’s not going to see sense until she attempts to get him to say yes. With the disgraced cop about to go on trial, things are about to get very messy and quickly.

We’ve already addressed Jasmine’s previous obsession with stepdaughter, Grace and the whole phantom pregnancy thing. Now, Back to the Bay reports that the nurse believes her friend being arrested was just a fluke. In saying this, her determination to have a child via IVF makes her bail Colby out of his situation. However, she is unaware that he actually did do what he’s being accused of.

Angelo Gloats To Jasmine About Colby Not Being Able To Afford Bail

Angelo has just become the WORST. He ends up gloating to Jasmine that Colby cannot afford to get himself out on bail. This sparks an idea within her and she coughs up the money. However, this may come at a cost to her because it allows Thorne to try and work out who Witness X is and as we learned, it was Taylor Rosetta. Though, she didn’t actually have any evidence as she was never actually told about what happened.

By the time Colby gets to his trial date, he is still unaware that Taylor is the key witness or so we think. News that Jasmine is the one who posts the cop’s bail quickly gets around. She also reveals reveals she put the gym up as collateral. Which Angelo says is futile since her friend will be spending a large part of his life in gaol.

What Will Colby’s Fate Be?

Let’s forget that Jasmine wants to ask Colby to be her sperm donor for a moment. What fate will he be given if does end up in prison? We’ve already gone down the dies on the inside route and the killed by Ross’ buddies point.

In conclusion, we have the whole Heath Braxton come back. Will he join Dean and Paratas in trying to bust Colby out or will it lead to his death which they will have on their consciences? We’re just going to have to wit and find out. Perhaps it will end being this year’s finale.

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