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Home And Away: Angelo To Bust Colby For Ross’ Murder


Colby is in for a world of hurt as his past comes back to bite him. With Angelo Rosetta returning to Summer Bay, we now whole the official reason: to investigate the murder of Ross Nixon.

Summer Bay has seen its fair share of police over the years and one those is Angelo Rosetta who left Summer Bay with partner Nicole and stepson George in 2011. However, he’s back but he’s not returning for the sights. He’s now a detective in charge of a murder investigation but not just any execution; the death of Ross Nixon. Now, if the name sounds familiar, it should because he was the father of Bella and the stepfather of her half-brother, Colby.

Ross was no saint by any means. He killed Colby’s father so he could marry his mother, Michelle and then took off with her and their daughter, Bella. After ditching the River Boys, Throne became a cop to aid in his search for his missing mother and sister.

How Does Ross Play Into The Story Now?

We’re not sure now Ross’ body is discovered, but the smell of decay would be festering by now. Perhaps someone goes out bushwalking with their dog and find remains. We don’t know yet so it’s hard to pin down what may prompt the corpse to re-emerge.

The trail will likely lead Angelo back to Summer Bay when they get confirmation on whose body was found. Ross’ daughter and stepson currently live in the seaside town which is probably how he ends back in his former home.

Other Things We Know About Angelo’s Return

There’s very little information regarding Angelo’s return other than Luke Jacobz saying that he wasn’t returning to be killed off and that his first scene was with Alf (Ray Meagher).

From what Back to the Bay explains in their weekly spoiler breakdown, there was recently a scene filmed where Angelo is seen arresting Colby and putting him in the back of a police car. Looks like he doesn’t get away with his stepfather’s murder after all. But that makes us question; what happens with Dean since he was his accomplice?

Now, what does this mean for Angelo’s love life? We’ve gone over this before but we thought he was still with Nicole but if an article written in New Idea is any indication. The new detective and the single mother did not stay together. Luke was seen filming with a woman who some fans might see as familiar. If you watched the smash-hit series Revenge, you might recognise the actress as Annabelle Stephenson.

Stephenson appeared on Revenge as Sara Munello, an ex-girlfriend of Josh Bowman’s character, Daniel Greyson. Annabelle’s character is believed to be Angelo’s wife whose name is Taylor.

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