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Home And Away: Colby’s Fate Revealed And New Faces Arrive In The Bay


Colby’s fate is revealed while new faces arrive in the Bay…

Bella learns her brother’s fate and it destroys her. We see that he ended up in solitary confinement after he stabbed a fellow inmate during a fight. He came to the realisation he needs to cut his family from his life if he’s going to survive. It breaks her heart and goes to Nikau – who has returned from New Zealand – and tells him about Colby.

Meanwhile, Ari’s stepdaughter, Chloe arrives in town and ‘terrorises’ Ryder at Salt. Nik reveals to his uncle that she’s in town and he doesn’t know how to react at first.

To make a long story short, Ari and Chloe reunite after years apart and it brings the former criminal joy to see his stepdaughter again. The news hits Mac for six but she soon grows use to the idea.

Ari rings, Chloe’s mother Mia and she arrives in the Bay looking for her daughter. However, she’s not exactly the warm and welcoming type. As fate should have it, Tane is glad to see her when he runs into her at Salt when she asks her ex partner if her daughter and his nephew have come back from their night time adventure.

Meanwhile, Tane and Ziggy cannot seem to keep away from each other to the point they end up on the lounge which Mac finds out in the most surprising of ways…

Also, Ryder realises Kieran is lying to Alf, Martha and Roo about having kicked his alcohol habit. His aunt and step-grandmother go searching Kieran’s caravan but find nothing and are caught. Alf is currently in the dark.

Colby’s Fate

Bella and Dean learn that Colby has been placed in solitary confinement though are not told why. This is explained in a later episode that he was involved in a violent confrontation where he stabs an inmate who later dies.


  • Colby’s fate was not death like we thought. So much for our prison break theory and our Ross’ mates one
  • Nikau and Chloe are super close and as he tells his best friend, she’s his cousin (so to speak as she’s Ari’s stepdaughter)
  • Bella’s heartbreak is going to last a while
  • Ziggy and Tane’s relationship is going to be exposed and not in a good way if they can’t stay away from each other
  • There is something Mia is hiding as she is acting sketching and desperate to find her daughter.

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