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Home and Away: Colby Gets Attacked In Prison But How Does It Occur?


Could Colby be another character who bites the dust when Home and Away returns? We look into the attack that will have him fighting for life…

What is it with all the cop characters coming in and then getting killed off three years later? It happened with Charlie Buckton, and it occurred to Kat Chapman. Now, could an attack on Colby in prison end with his demise?

We’ve posted several theories about this. Check out the following:

However, it appears the attack that we see in the promo has nothing to do with a a prison escape but an ambush has occurred. Though, it has nothing to do Ross Nixon’s thug mates.

Somehow, information has gotten out that Colby is a cop and from what should be common knowledge, police who end up on the inside are often targeted by their fellow inmates. This appears to be case here.

What we don’t see is how the attack happens? Is he stabbed? Is he punched and kicked? We don’t know until it’s on air. We also see the paramedics or prison guards doing CPR before it cuts to Colby in a hospital bed with Bella and Dean at his side.

Do We Think Colby Will Survive?

Given everything we’ve learned over the last few months, we don’t think Colby will survive this. As we’ve stated on numerous occasions, most young actors sign a contract for three years and leave once that period is up. A lot of the older actors who have been on the show for years are the only ones who resign.

Tim Franklin who plays Colby has not been seen on set for months which implies that the character dies. This would not be the first time a character has died from an attack at the beginning of the new year. We lost Robbo at the start of the 2020 season and that Scott guy who turned on him and killed his bestie Lance.

Also, it would explain one the shots in a promo from late last year where Bella is seen in a flood of tears. At the time, we thought it be because Nikau cheats on her. However, the theory surrounding Colby’s demise is much stronger now that we have a trailer to go off.

Unfortunately, we tried to embed the Facebook trailer to the post and it won’t let us do it. Also, it was posted to a Facebook group we’re a member of so it likely would need you to become a member before you could access it if we provided a link. We’d rather not bother.

Home and Away returns to Australian screens on February 1.

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