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Coffee Spotlight: Square Sandwiches

Today’s Coffee Spotlight is Square Sandwiches, a sandwich place that also sells coffee. Located in Australia Square, this place sells every type of sandwich you could possibly imagine. Because I was short on time, I didn’t get to take a photo of the logo so I had to Google the place.

What I loved about Square Sandwiches, it has Campos Coffee, which is a well-known coffee brand. I’ve had it before at R Coffee in Camden. It’s not bad coffee as it doesn’t make my insides want to become my outsides.

The only issue I had with the place is the setup. The ordering is done at the same place you receive your order. This makes it hard to get in and order when there are people standing around talking while they too are waiting.

Also, I’ve read reviews on the place. As you all know, I hate reviews and will never give one in such detail. I only add star ratings to my food and drink articles because I want people to have an idea of what my experience was like. 

Anyway, if I had to change one thing about Square Sandwiches its where the counters would be placed. I would have the payment counter further away from the pickup counter. There should also be dividers like they have at the cinema to show where the queue begins.

The price of the coffee was great as well. $3.50 for a small and $4 for a large while its $0.50 extra for different milk. Very similar to June’s Coffee & Toppers. I’ve been to places where a change of milk is $0 70. Not a bad investment for morning coffee!

If I had to give a rating to Square Sandwiches, I would give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of five because of the messy queues and lack of structure when dealing with a large crowd.

[Credit: Photo by Me!]

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