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Coffee Spotlight: San Churro (Macarthur Square)

San Churro

Since we finished our first internship, we haven’t had time to go out for coffee solo. So today, we thought a trip to Macarthur Square’s San Churro would benefit us with all the work we need to catch up on. Onto the coffee, shall we?

San Churro is located across from Event Cinemas. We’ve been here once before and haven’t been back. We thought the coffee was worth tasting. The way the cappuccino is done here is unique as they don’t use a dusting of chocolate.

The place is a chocolateria so everything they do with their hot drinks is different to a regular café. Our chocolate was sliced up and placed on top and the coffee was sweet because of the chocolate. We’re really surprised by the taste. We’d definitely come back here. Oh, we nearly forgot! Every hot drink served gets a free choccie! Yep, we’re sold! 

However, the only issue we had with the coffee was it was slightly cold when it came out. Perhaps it has something to do with the chocolate on top? Also, a small coffee is $4. A little costly but you have to expect that from a chocolateria. We really need to try Max Brenner next. Right, we need to stay on task!

Given it was almost midday when we walked in, the place is really quiet and very orange. We love that the place has powerpoints on their wrap around seating for laptops and other devices. 

So, what would we rate San Churro? We’d have to rate it a strong ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of five. The fifth star would’ve been for the hotness of the coffee if hadn’t been cold when it came to us. Next time, we’ll buy a cool San Churro mug to add to our coffee cup collection!

We love it!

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