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Coffee Spotlight: Regiment


So, it’s the last week of the ClassBento internship and while we’re sad to leave the awesome people we’ve met, Coffee Spotlight will still continue. This may be our last spotlight for a while so we’re going to go out on a good one. Since the beginning, we’ve wanted to go to Regiment, a small café about 10 metres from June’s Coffee & Toppers in Wynyard

[su_gmap width=”500″ height=”300″ address=”Regiment” zoom=”21″]

However as we were on our way across the street at the lights, the ground was slippery and we slipped as people crossed the road. We’re not sure how it happened. Anyway, we’re fine, except for the scrapped knee and the hole on our Gryffindor tights.

Regiment has been at the top our café list for a while as we’ve walked past it a few times. What could be so good about the coffee there? We found out and to be truthful, it tastes like all the other coffee we’ve had over the last few weeks. There really wasn’t anything special about it. It was one of those coffee blends that doesn’t really give you the coffee buzz if you drink too much. We only had a small so it doesn’t really matter.

Is Regiment worth it? We’d like to say yes. If you’re into the café/bar combo go for it. Though, if you don’t like waiting in line or have issues with small spaces, we’ll say go to a larger place. As for the coffee, we’d have to say, there’s better coffee out there. We waited this long to go to Regiment and we were disappointed. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of five stars.

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