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Coffee Spotlight: Pancakes on the Rocks

Pancakes on the Rocks

Today’s Coffee Spotlight was a little unexpected. So, for brunch this morning we went to Pancakes on the Rocks in Campbelltown for dad’s very belated Father’s Day feed. We were expecting to eat, but not get coffee, but… oh well.

Dad asked if we wanted coffee after seeing they served Almond milk. Like we could say no to that. Anyway, the beverage wasn’t as good as we thought it was going to be. After we received it from the waitress, it went cold really quickly. It was like they didn’t know how to  use non full cream milk. However, they were able to get the froth that not a lot of cafés can get right with non dairy milk. We give them credit for that.

The coffee kicked in fast and we ended up dizzy due to the caffeine rush. That has NEVER happened before.

Would we go to Pancakes on the Rocks for coffee again? Probably not. We can only take a rush and the dizziness for so long. We’re still feeling the effects now and it’s not fun. We would not wish it upon anyone, even our worst enemy. It also wasn’t the best coffee in the world. They didn’t even have raw sugar. White sugar isn’t exactly great for a cappuccino but it was that was or artificial sweetener which we were NOT going to use. 

What will we give Pancakes on the Rocks? As you all know, we don’t like having to rate our experiences by we’re going in hard here and we’re going to give the place ⭐️⭐️ out of five. We wish we didn’t have to.

Tell us of your experiences. Have you been to Pancakes on the Rocks and enjoyed the coffee? Let us know below!  

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