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Coffee Spotlight: Michele’s Patisserie (Narellan Town Centre)

Michele's Patisserie

So, we had to check in with the doctor about our cough and though we’d get coffee afterward. Since there’s so many places we haven’t been to yet, decided to try Michele’s Patisserie. We went there with dad once. 

Anyway, we have to admit the coffee was actually good, though it was average at $4.50 for a medium. Their small was $3.90. That’s $0.40 more than you’re average small coffee. Despite that, we also got a pretty disposable cup. To see it, check out the feature image at the top of this article.

Michele’s Patisserie is known for its cakes, sandwiches, and pastries though we don’t remember eating the food. It would be better than any food we’ve had at other places which we shall not name.

We decided to shake it up and got sugar which is not something we normally do unless we’re at Coffee Gossip. While you don’t feel the coffee, you get shaky quickly. Whatever beans they used work faster than anything else we’ve drunk.

We can’t say what the cafe atmosphere is like as we didn’t sit down. During the writing of this article, we sat in the food court.

Now, onto the part that we often dread. Would we buy coffee from Michele’s Patisserie again? We would but we would get a small next time and maybe take a bottle of water to stop the shakiness of the hands. Also, the less coffee we have will stop the gag reflex which we haven’t had in ages.

Unfortunately, w need to give Michele’s Patisserie ⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of five because of the effect it has on the body and because it triggers the gag reflex.

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