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Coffee Spotlight: La Society Café

La Society Café

Narellan has a load of cafés that we haven’t tried yet. Since we just had a chest x-ray and are waiting on our doctor’s appointment, we thought we’d get coffee beforehand. We’ve walked past La Society Café million times, but have been there. This is in the Narellan Town Centre.

We have to admit, the wait is a little long. However, we got the coffee and that’s what matters. It had pretty art. Since we ordered a medium, it was a little expensive. With Almond milk, it was $5 something. Cannot remember the cents. Anyway, the coffee was rich in texture and didn’t give us tum-tum issues! There also wasn’t a lot of chocolate which a shame because it’s not cappuccino without the dusting.

As for the café itself, it’s a very sweet kiosk across from Coffee Gossip. Perfect rivalry, really. The colour scheme at La Society Café is yellow and white and gives its customers the choice of booths, soft chairs or hard wooden chairs to sit in. Not many cafés offer that.

There’s not much we can say about La Society Café as there isn’t a lot going on other than customers coming and going. If we had to pick an issue with the place, it would the overpriced coffee. It reminds us of Starbucks in the city. We’d also recommend coming when the place is quiet like in the early morning. It gets busy at lunchtimes but it really depends on the day of the week too.

We’re going to give La Society Café ⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of five. If the coffee was reasonably priced and the place was a little bigger, we would give it a higher score.

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