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Coffee Spotlight: Deli Ziosa

Deli Ziosa

Want to know a little secret? There’s secret coffee places all over Sydney’s CBD! Including Martin Place.

In today’s Coffee Spotlight, we went a bit further to get our coffee. Venturing out of Wynyard, but remaining close enough to the Startup Hub, we found a hidden food court in Martin Place. Mind you, we weren’t even remotely close to Seven Studios where they’d be broadcasting The Morning Show. This out of the way food hall contains a bunch of food places in a very small space. There was everything from cafés to cake shops. We chose Deli Ziosa for our coffee fix. Actually, scratch that. We went for another walk at lunchtime and on the way back to the office, we turned and found we were standing across the street from the Channel 7 building. Whoops!

The place wasn’t too busy and it’s not even a café. It’s a quaint little deli that has a range of deals on sandwiches. This included an option to have your own sandwich made. It was an adorable place and the surprising part was the price of a small coffee: $3.20.  A large was $3.80. Didn’t get the chance to have a closer look at the extra milk options and the price.

Compared to the other coffee joints we’ve posted about during the tenure of our internship, Deli Ziosa has the lowest price we’ve seen by far. Note, we’re not including Seven-Eleven here as it’s advertised as being a $1.

As its probably been noted before, the Sydney CBD has a treasure trove of coffee places just waiting to be uncovered.


The coffee itself is actually really good. It tastes similar to the coffee I’ve had at one of the places in Camden. That’s what it reminds me of. Whether the coffee is made from the same beans, we’re not sure. Either way, we’re awarding Deli Ziosa ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of five due to taste.

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