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Coffee Spotlight: Coffee Gossip Narellan

Coffee Gossip

I’m starting a new series on coffee. I drink so much of it that I’m an expert. Joking, but I enjoy experimenting with different coffee brews. As this series progresses, you’ll learn my preferences in the world of caffeine. I cannot wait to share my coffee journey with you all. Allow me to introduce Coffee Gossip!

Our first location is Coffee Gossip in Narellan. I’ve been going here for a while and thought I would share my experience.

The staff are so lovely and welcoming. I’ve been going there so often they know my regular order! Awesome, right? What I love most about Coffee Gossip is the atmosphere. 

Coffee Gossip is so carefree and I love the booth-like seats which go around the edges of the space.

If I had to choose a negative, it would be the small space. The place fills up extremely quickly. I’ve been at the café on a Friday at about 10am or 10:30am and it’s been packed with people. Despite the small space, it goes to show how successful the place is.

Busiest Time At Coffee Gossip!

I’m not in Narellan all the time but from what I can tell, the busiest time of day is lunchtime. Yeah, yeah, I know all cafés and restaurants are busy at noon, but it is crazy trying to get a seat at Coffee Gossip just prior to the noon rush.

Here’s a rough estimate of the busiest days and times to avoid:

  • Monday to Friday 12noon
  • Thursday 10am – 10:30am and 12noon

These times are not exactly accurate as I’m not up there every day to get an accurate read of the visitors.

I never enjoy giving an establishment or anything a rating, but seeing as there is a first time for everything, I’ll rate Coffee Gossip ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5.

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