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4 Ways To Battle Caffeine Overload


Have you ever suffered caffeine overload from your fave coffee? I understand how you feel. It’s not pleasant.

Coffee has become a massive part of our culture. From relaxing and catching up with friends to staying awake at work, caffeinated drinks has your back. I’ve experienced it. It takes hours to overcome and a lot of water.

That’s the reason we’re talking coffee today. I wanted to give my 4 tips for overcoming a caffeine overload.

1. Drink Water

Now, if you’re like me and always wondered why cafés ask if you want water when you have your coffee in-store. Luckily, an answer is at hand. Caffeine is like alcohol and can affect your body. Water slows the effects of alcohol down and slows the chances of a hangover. It does the same for coffee and prevents caffeine overload or slows it down.

If you don’t drink water between sips or after your coffee, you’ll get the effects. If you don’t have access to water, just wait.

2. Smaller Cups Of Coffee

Depending on how much coffee you consume and your body mass, the effects of caffeine can happen or it may not happen at all. If you suffer from caffeine overload with large cups, I’d advise smaller cups.

3. Go Decaf

Despite what you’ve heard, decaf beverages still has caffeine, but not in large amounts. In fact, the caffeine is so small, you won’t even realise. If you don’t want to risk overload, drink decaf coffee instead of full strength.

4. Lay Down And Nap

When you’ve got the jitters from caffeine, you often feel shaky and unsteady. If you’re at home, have a lay down until the feelings subside. It’ll make you feel better and helps stave off the caffeine overload symptoms. 


A caffeine overload is one of the worst feelings in the world. Be sure to follow one of these tips and be sure to tell us below.

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