Hold On! Did Meghan Just Attempt To Silence CNN?!


News has started to go around that Meghan Markle allegedly tried to cancel CNN…

Meghan Markle considers herself the saviour of the universe, the champion of women’s rights, the Queen of… Woke? The Daily Mail’s Dan Wootton has reported that leftist American news network, CNN has been forced to delete their analyst of the Sussex’s interview with Oprah Winfrey. Eighteen days after it aired, Max Foster, a British journalist based in the UK for CNN broke down the lies but not long after this, the video was removed from the broadcaster’s website and can be found nowhere online.

This brings us to the question of whether Meghan has attempted to silence CNN, despite them largely being on her and Harry’s side. We would have to say, ‘yes’ and that this is definitely something she would do. Look at what happened when her biggest critic, Piers Morgan tried to speak out against the dumpster fire ‘tell-all’. What followed was Sharon Osbourne being fired from The Talk for backing him up as per 9Honey Celebrity after an on-screen blow-up with co-host and now former friend, Sheryl Underwood.

Now, we’ve said this a dozen times before but we cannot stand Piers Morgan. He’s too opinionated for his own good, but he was right for calling Meghan out. He could see she had an agenda and was doing what every journalist SHOULD be doing; putting together the truth whether than report on one side of the story.

The interview was doing, knowing that the royal family wouldn’t fight back. The brief statement that was released by The Queen that said ‘recollections may vary’, shows how grounded in reality Her Majesty is. At the time, she was still dealing with the Sussex fallout while her beloved husband, Prince Philip was gravely ill in hospital.

To Be Silent Means Not Telling Both Sides Of The Story

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According to Wootton’s article, Foster is well-known for his first-rate reporting. The Queen personally had her lady-in-waiting, Susan Hussey, and her personal assistant and dresser, Angela Kelly help Meghan adjust to her new life. Now, we all know how the royal family has their mantra of ‘never complain, never explain’. This would extend to current staff.

Foster’s report was so thorough that it had top CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota conflicted as to whether she believed the Sussexes with her saying:

Now I’m all turned around. Now I’m all confused. Now I don’t know what to believe anymore.

Alisyn Camerota on whether she believed Harry and Meghan’s recollections.

What’s more is Wootton tweeted out immediately after Foster’s interview went to air that someone from CNN speaking out was just the first sign that the leftists were beginning to wake up to their wokeness.

Meghan has not been above reporting Piers Morgan to his bosses which saw him step down. So, what if she threatened a lawsuit against CNN if they didn’t take down and scrub the video’s existence from the internet?

CNN Was Contacted But Couldn’t Give A Straight Answer

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Dan also said that he contacted CNN multiple times as to whether the network had any form of communication with the Sussexes, Oprah Winfrey, or any of Meghan and Harry’s friends. He did not get a straight answer. Now, this could mean a couple of things.

The first thing is that CNN hasn’t had any form of contact with anyone in the Sussex camp is telling the truth. Secondly, they’ve spoken to the party but are saving face. Finally, and as we’ve mentioned before, they’ve been threatened with a lawsuit like Splash News & Picture Agency which sent the company bankrupt, according to

Now, if CNN has had to take the video done because of a lawsuit threat, then it seems the Sussexes have some rather powerful friends in the media that will go to great lengths to make them look good.

Meghan’s ‘Poor Me’ Act That The Press Attacked Her Is An Eyeroller

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Meghan wants to change the world in her image. We’ve spoken before about she’s using Harry to improve her standing. In her mind, she and Harry wed three days before their ‘spectacle’ of a wedding.

Catherine and Sophie had to work hard to get where they are now. The Queen was worried that Kate wouldn’t be able to handle the work as she’d never had a proper job. Looking back on it now, she is one of the best things to happen to the royal family. She not only loves William but she is not afraid to push herself to succeed.

For Markle to say that what she experienced in regards to media coverage versus what Catherine went through, is inaccurate. Any woman marrying into the Royal family is going to be a target. Meghan sees this as a race thing when it’s not.

Catherine was called a load of horrible things like “Waity Katey” because she didn’t move on after she and William broke up. She and her sister, Pippa were called “the Wisteria Sisters” and their mother, Carole was called a social climber.

Yes, the UK media was horrible to Meghan, but their cruelty towards her was not an isolated incident to just her.

Meghan Cannot Control Every Aspect Of The Press

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Meghan knows her so-called plot to become world-famous, is toppling. This is why she reported Piers Morgan. She knew he was right but she couldn’t allow him to taint her image that people love her. If she is responsible for the takedown of the CNN video, then it only proves our point further. Markle is trying to silence yet another big-time outlet that wants to ‘bring her down’.

This brings us to something we’ve spoken about before; a flaw Meghan exposed during the Oprah interview. If someone doesn’t agree with her, they’re racist. This means that to her, people should only have one view which to believe everything she says. What we did not include at the time in the time that this has zero to do with her being an ex-royal with a title that she loves to exploit.

She believes that she should be the centre of everything. From a young age, according to her former childhood friends, she wanted fame. She had little girls bow down at her at another child’s birthday party. Also, her father, Thomas who has since been ghosted, treated her like a little princess and, apparently so did Doria. They never told their daughter ‘no’ which is why she is trashing her royal in-laws.

By trying to silence her critics, Meghan believes she is winning her war against the press. For a woman who is for people having a voice, she is trying to silence her Kensington Palace bullying victims. This goes to show what type of person she is. An actual social climber who will dump Harry whenever the time is right. Then, she will use their two children as leverage.

There’s A Reason No Lawsuit Exists Against The Times

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If there is one thing Meghan loves most, it is suing people who have reported ‘incorrect’ facts about her. Look at the brutal takedown of the Mail on Sunday that saw her letter to her dad come out. Part of this case is still ongoing. The Times did an exposé on Markle’s bullying tactics which were published a day or two before the Oprah interview. All the Duchess of Sussex did was release a statement saying that it was a ‘smear campaign’. However, no known legal proceedings are taking place.

Why is this happening?

Well, it appears that it confirms that the bullying did happen. Why would nine people leave the Sussexes’ employment in two years? You certainly don’t hear this coming out about William and Catherine. On occasion, there will be an announcement that someone has left their position after a long time but never after six months to a year.

We’ve also spoken about how Meghan is demanding to see the texts and emails regarding her treatment of staff. Sorry, Sugars but she has no right to see any of this evidence. It’s like a mass murderer demanding to see the evidence that pins them to a murder. Finally, the probe will focus on the Australia tour and Markle’s behaviour.

Final Thoughts

Our final thoughts on this CNN situation is this; it’s a catch-22. There is no escaping whatever else Meghan has up her sleeve. The ABC reports that she is releasing a children’s book about a father’s bond with his son. While we believe the book is imminent, there is no way it will sell and become a best-seller. People are sick of hearing her name everywhere. Every day there is a new story out about her. It is just tiresome. If we’re being blunt here, we want to write about the other royals who actually have something to give. Not this bottom feeder.

The world wants to move on and actually focus on real issues like lowering helping to lower the COVID numbers in India. This is the where the real news is. Another is dealing with the constant gun violence in America. We’d rather see coverage of what people want to see, rather than every fourth article being a fluff piece how how great the Sussexes are.

If we’re perfectly honest once more, we would love to have a week or five where there is no Sussex coverage. In a nutshell, it would make the Sugars go quiet for a bit and would be paradise to those of us who want bit of peace from them.

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