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The Flash Finale Provides More Questions Than Closure


Given the current circumstances that are plaguing the world right now with COVID-19, The CW has had to take understandable risks and cut the productions of many of their currently airing shows short. One of those is The Flash whose finale had more questions than it did closure.

Not good or bad. That’s what we’re choosing to call the impromptu season finale of The Flash. With the Coronavirus swirling around the world like a plague, production of the series has been altered. The studios have issued a closure to all sets around the world.

The Flash season 6 finale episode ‘Success is Assured’ left its audience with a really weird sensation. If anything, the only thing that seemed final was Caitlin’s exit, given actress Danielle Panabaker’s pregnancy at the time.

Let’s look at the questions we ended up getting and see what closure they might have when they pick up next season.

What’s Happening With Iris, Kamilla, And Singh Still Being Trapped In The Mirrorverse?

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Okay, when the Iris started investigating Black Hole after Crisis, she got sucked into the mirrorverse. She was replaced by a double that fooled everyone, including Barry. However, it was Wally that realised something was off with his sister. Though, it took the Flash a while to realise his brother-in-law was right about his wife.

After Kamilla discovered that Iris wasn’t who she said she was, she got sucked into the mirrorverse too. A copy took her place which fooled everyone including Cisco. Then, just a couple of episodes ago, we learned that Chief David Singh is from the same universe. However, we don’t know the status of his original counterpart.

Sure, Iris said she found a heat signature at the mirrorverse version of Central City Hospital, but that was where that mystery ended and there was no real closure to that part of the story.

So, they don’t get out of the mirror in the episode. This’ll mean the story of how they get out will be held back until early next season. When they do get rescued, it would have to be pretty close to the beginning as they can’t spend the first half trapped.

When the show picks up for season 7, it would need to have Iris before she disappeared. Preferably, we want to see where Singh is as it has been a mystery for a while. This would provide closure to that part of the story.

Why Did Eva Frame Sue For Her Husband’s ‘Murder’?

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The last time we see Sue, she thinks she has closure for Carver’s role in blackmailing her parents. However, Ralph is quick to tell her that Eva has framed her for Joseph’s ‘murder’. We need to ask ourselves why she would’ve done this when she didn’t share any screen time with the Dearbon heiress.

We know Sue wanted to kill Carver for what he was doing to her parents and that Ralph stopped her from doing it. Though, how did Eva know this? Was she spying on their conversation? Did she know that Sue’s parents were recruited by Black Hole and that their daughter might try to hunt Joseph down? Eva clearly knew something was going to happen as she had eyes everywhere.

Eva and Sue share no screen time in the finale or episodes before this. So, why Miss Dearbon? It is clear our villain needed a scapegoat and the heiress is just that given what Carver did. Also, does this mean Ralph will become her personal saviour?

Allegra And Chester Become Regulars… For What Purpose?

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We’ve known for a while that Chester and Allegra are set to be series regulars come season 7. However, does that mean we’re going to lose two OG members of Team Flash? It’s been speculated for a couple of years that Carlos Valdes (Cisco) has been rumored to want out of The Flash.

However, he came back for season 6 but didn’t appear a great deal despite being part of the main cast. It’s also been rumored that Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin/Frost) had also wanted to leave.

Episode 19 of the currently completed season was scheduled to be her final appearance for now given how far along she was in her pregnancy at the time of filming.

Chester P Runk is very similar in personality to Cisco and filled in for him in earlier episodes of the season. Having two characters that are similar isn’t necessary, no matter what the medium is. So, does this mean the guy formerly known as Vibe might be leaving us and that he’s being replaced with someone new?

As for Allegra, she and Caitlin are very different, though she has appeared more than Chester has. She’s also involved with Team Citizen, Iris’ group of reporters for her blog/newspaper, the Central City Citizen. We also don’t know how long Danielle is going to be on maternity leave for. She might be back in action when production goes back.

What Role Will Joe Play Now That He’s Back?

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Joe has always played the role of mentor and father-figure to Barry whom he raised after the murder of his mother and the (wrongful) imprisonment of his father. Now that the CSI is married to his daughter, Iris, the relationship between the pair hasn’t really changed. Though, our favourite bit is whenever CCPD’s captain refers to his now son-in-law as his ‘son’.

We saw Joe go into witness protection this season for a few episodes as a way of protecting him against Joseph Carver and Black Hole. In his absence, his partner Cecile played the wise sage for Team Flash as she has done countless times before. So, now that he’s back, what will his role be in bringing Iris, Kamilla, and Singh home?

If we really sit back and think, he might sit on comms in Cisco’s absence the way Nash and Allegra have. He may even go back to issuing those pearls of wisdom he is known for. There might even be a chance that he uses whatever resources he has to help in stopping Eva.

Will Ralph And Sue’s Relationship Evolve?

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At the end of Season 5, we were teased with the arrival of Sue Dearbon, Ralphy’s future wife. We got to see her in action as January Galore earlier in the season before she made her actual debut in ‘A Girl Named Sue’.

Since they’ve been working together, Ralph has come to learn how the heiress’ mind works and can often guess her plans. He can see she has a good heart and wants to bring down the bad guys. Does that mean there’s going to be another Team Flash wedding? Please say yes! We want them together!

Since Sue has been caught up in Eva’s scheme, they’re likely to join forces to prove she did not kill Eva’s husband. There’s plenty of chemistry there and we hope it becomes more than what it is currently.

How Will Caitlin/Frost Return?

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So, as we’ve mentioned before, Danielle Panabaker was pregnant and has just had a baby which explains why her screen time has been so limited over the last few episodes. To explain the character’s absence, the writers have had to create a situation that sees her leave for a while. She’s now working with Carla, Caitlin/Frost’s mother on healing herself after she is injured.

If we had to guess, the frosty pair likely won’t return until a few episodes into the new season. Whether they choose to add a twist to it is unclear, but it would not surprise us if there was one. Perhaps Frost reverts back to her evil self and Cait ends up trapped within her own body. We won’t know until they bring the show back.

Where Did Iris Go After She Disappeared?

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So, we’ve already talked about Iris, Kamilla, and Singh being trapped in the mirrorverse and that we’ll get closure to this storyline next season. However, we need to address what happened to to West-Allen after discovering where the Police Chief was.

A lot of people have questioned whether she has gotten powers due to all the time she has spent inside the mirror. However, we also need to ask ourselves why didn’t Eva suffer the same fate? She was in the mirrorverse far longer than Iris.

Our prediction is that Iris teleported to wherever Singh is. How she did this, where not sure but hopefully, we’ll have an answer soon.

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