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Duchess Meghan Makes Her First Business Investment With A Healthy Coffee Brew

It looks Meghan is actually doing something good for a chance. She has become an investor in coffee startup Clevr Blend. Oprah is a fan.

Who knew you could actually get healthy coffee? We sure didn’t. An article in People Magazine today has revealed Santa Barbara based royal, Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex has become an investor in coffee startup, Clevr Blends. She has even got Oprah onboard as a fan. The television talk show queen posted this video to Instagram:

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Basically, Clevr Blends has made a superfoods smoothie version of coffee. The brews are 100% vegan and contain probiotics and come in the following types:

  • Matcha Superlatte
  • Chai Superlatte
  • Golden Superlatte
  • Coffee Superlatte

Clevr Blends creates the blends in such a way that they can be enjoyed hot or cold.

In her video, Oprah isn’t exactly discreet about who sent her the coffee. She says her neighbour “M” gave them to her. It’s kinda of obvious they’re from Meghan. Is it possible she wants Oprah, being as rich as she is, to invest it the company too? Possibly.

This wouldn’t be the the first time Meghan has gotten involved with healthy eating. She use to talk about it on her blog, The Tig. She had husband Prince Harry change his diet to healthier alternatives.

There is a reason the Duchess of Sussex invested in Clevr Blends. It is a small business run by a woman. There’s nothing wrong with that, though we need to question whether she would have done the same thing if the business was founded and run by man. Her motives scream something entirely different than what she’s promoting.

We love how women are getting more involved in the coffee business. One of our favourite cafés has female staff. However, with Meghan there is almost always a deeper meaning. How much is she going to earn from this venture?

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