Why Princess Diana Would Be Appalled By Harry’s Behaviour


Paul Burrell once said that Princess Diana and Meghan Markle would clash due to their personalities. She would be appalled by her youngest son’s behaviour.

It’s no secret that Princess Diana was an icon. She was beloved by the world and we were left shattered when she died in a car crash in 1997 while being pursued by the paparazzi in Paris. In the years since her passing, her sons, William and Harry have done their best to honour their mother’s memory and legacy. The wives of the Wales brothers, Catherine and Meghan have been given the opportunity to play a small role in this also. However, it has been noted by Paul Burrell, a former butler and close friend of the late royal that she would clash with her second daughter-in-law, according to an Insider article from May 2020.

It should also be pointed out that Diana would be appalled at the behaviour presented by her youngest son and his wife. If anything, Burrell’s thoughts on a clash between the princess and Markle would have been gold, given their strong personalities.

The Behaviour From Harry

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Before Meghan entered his life, Harry was always the happy-go-lucky royal rebel who got into trouble as a teenager and in his 20s. When he met his now-wife, he has become a shadow of the man we use to know. He is using his mother’s death as an excuse for wanting to ‘step down’ from royal duties and to move to America with his spouse and their young son, Archie.

Since he and Meghan got together, Harry has displayed entitled behaviour. The rumour still seems to be that prior to the wedding, the future Duchess of Sussex complained when she didn’t get the tiara she wanted. The prince is believed to have said the now infamous:

What Meghan wants, Meghan gets!

Now, Princess Diana did not put up with any crap. Charles put her through so much by continuing to see Camilla despite being married. There was also the allegation that he told her prior their wedding that he didn’t love her. However, he got the heir and ‘the spare’.

If Diana was alive today she would hate that her boys are no longer close and that Harry would use a tragedy to justify his decisions and views. One of those happens to be that he hates the press, but is seeking it out by appearing via video chat for ‘work’ purposes. She would likely pull him aside and question why he is doing it. She would put a stop to any clash between them.

Meghan brings out the worst in Harry and he will always defend her, even if she is wrong. He has gone into the relationship just wanting companionship and he has ended up with a nightmare. If his mother were still here, he would probably go to her for advice on how to deal with her.

William Honours Diana, Harry Just Says He Does

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Before they were both married, William and Harry did everything in their power to keep their mother’s legacy alive. After her death, they were given permission to take one keepsake from her collection of jewellery. The eldest took Diana’s beloved Cartier watch while the youngest took her sapphire engagement ring.

The boys made a pact that whoever proposed first, would get the engagement ring. When William went to propose to now wife Catherine Middleton, Harry have his brother the ring that now sits regally around the Duchess of Cambridge’s finger alongside her own wedding band.

William and Catherine decided to honor Diana by giving their middle child and only daughter, Princess Charlotte the second middle name ‘Diana’ in memory of her ‘Granny Diana’.

Harry, on the other hand, has done little to honour his mother since his marriage to Meghan, at least in public. Though we know she has access to Diana’s jewellery collection since she has wore rings like the aquamarine ring and a pair butterfly earrings. Not to mention, Markle’s engagement ring is made from diamonds from Diana’s collection.

While this may be nasty to say but for someone who claims his mother’s death messed with his head, Harry doesn’t appear to be doing anything to honour her. Well, outside of giving his wife her jewellery. We can only imagine Meghan’s face when she saw the sapphire engagement ring on Catherine’s finger. We think she was internally fuming, thinking that if she got proposed to, she would’ve gotten the ring.

The engagement ring she ended up getting, she had altered to fit her liking later down the track. If it was us, we would have changed it because it would go against what Harry had wanted; a piece of his mother that lived through something he designed himself.

A Clash Of Perspective

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Paul Burrell and Princess Diana were incredibly close. She was one of the few people that knew he was gay at the time. In confidence, she told him things that she wouldn’t have told anyone else. She trusted him and he knew her better than most.

As we stated earlier and in other posts, Burrell has said there would be a clash of personalities between the princess and daughter-in-law, Meghan. Though, it is obvious, even from an outsider’s perspective that she would have adored Catherine.

Paul reckons that Meghan’s independence would have nothing on Diana and she would not have liked the Duchess of Sussex’s ego.

A clash of two sharp minded women would’ve been entertaining. However, these two had one simple strategy; they manipulated the media in their favor. However, Meghan’s attempts to win the press over has not gone over very well given her attitude and her and Harry’s running away from their duty to the Queen.

Diana Understood How Royal Life Worked And She Respected The Monarchy

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Despite some parallels between Diana and Meghan, the late Princess of Wales knew how the royal family worked. Markle did not. The former actress just assumed because she was married to her idol’s son that she would be Diana 2.0.

Diana understood how the monarchy worked and never once did she abuse her power while she was Charles’ wife. Sure, she called people out after they were divorced, once claiming that there were three people in the marriage, which made it crowded. This is a reference to Camilla being a mistress.

Meghan claims to have been naive and did not know that Harry and his family were famous. This is a lie. Ninaki Priddy, the Duchess’ former best friend claimed in an interview that Markle had read books on Diana. The difference between the princess and the actress is, Diana would never lie.

Despite her experiences with the royal family, Diana respected the way the monarchy operated. She knew William would one day become king and that Harry would be the spare. However, that did not stop her from loving them equally. She never played favourites between them.

If she had met Meghan, she would know straight away that there is something not right. However, given her compassionate nature, she would be able look past Markle’s ego for Harry’s sake. However, she would see through her act of not knowing who they are.

Meghan Would Have To Work Hard To Prove Herself

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If Meghan was a fan of Diana like she thinks she is, she would be trying to honour her, not tear her legacy [Harry] away from the rest of his family. Had the princess survived the car crash in Paris and things had played out like they have now, the duchess would have to work very hard to get into her the good graces of her mother-in-law.

Being a D-list actress on a show few people had never heard of, Meghan can act to the best of her ability, but Diana knew when someone wasn’t being honest. We seriously doubt the Duchess of Sussex would have been able to fool her the way she has the rest of royal family whom she and Harry abandoned for riches and fame.

Diana would watch every move Meghan made to see if she was really worthy of her son. If she was not, then she would’ve said something. Harry has basically abandoned everything his mother taught him; kindness and respect must be earned and is not automatically received.

Meghan might think she’s honouring her idol, but truth of the matter is, she’s nothing more than a copycat. Were Diana alive, she would not stand for this. Yes, Catherine is known to imitate their late mother-in-law, but she doesn’t go overboard the way Megsy does.

No one likes a copycat, Meg.

A Clash For The Ages

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Diana’s death left the world devastated. Her sons were left without a mother and they dealt with the tragedy in different ways. William handled the situation better than Harry and didn’t marry Catherine because she reminded him of his mother.

A rumour has been floating around for a while that Harry married Meghan because he saw at lot of his mother in her… really? They are not that similar at all in regards to personality. The prince was desperate to find a partner who he thought could handle the pressures of the royal family. He choose someone ill-fitted. If Diana was alive today, she and Meghan would clash, not just due to their personalities, but over what is the best cause of action.

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