Claims That Meghan Set Up Paparazzi Snaps Of Herself The Year Before She Met Harry

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Where does Duchess Meghan get off? The new biography, Finding Freedom alleges the estranged royal wife had photos set up of herself going into a London restaurant the year before she met Harry.

Having paparazzi set up shots of yourself is what we like to call a telltale sign of fame-seeking. Meghan Markle once accused her father, Thomas Markle Snr of doing this before her 2018 wedding to Prince Harry. While this ended up being true and being orchestrated by her half-sister, Samantha, the estranged royal is being pinned for the same thing. One word: hypocrite.

According to, information has emerged of the former actress having set up photos of her walking into a London restaurant the year before she met Prince Harry. It was 2015 and Meghan was virtually a nobody who was starring as Rachel Zane in Suits.

This Intel comes from The Sun who were told that that the snaps were organised by her agent. However, the woman who once represented her, Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne claims this never happened.

Also, the News Corp article claims that the now-Duchess use to cooperate with photographers. But, this ended when she met Prince Harry. This within itself comes the Finding Freedom biography that is due for release in August.

What Happened The Paparazzi Snaps?

Now, if Meghan set up those alleged photos, what happened to them? According to photographers in Toronto, photos of the then-actress were low paying given she was ‘not famous enough’. However, this changed when she and Harry got together.

When it was announced she had snagged herself a prince, Meghan basically became famous by association. The paparazzi snaps of her walking into the Toto’s restaurant were just a way to get publicity for herself.

If the News Corp article is accurate, then Meghan was self-promoting herself and failing miserably at it. Sure, she had a successful blog and she was on a successful show, but that was it. She didn’t become really famous until she hooked up with Prince Harry who is one of Britain’s most beloved sons.

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