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Chronicles Of Harkle: What’s The Deal With Doria And Archie?

I am a bit slow on the uptake of the story I am about to tell you. Now, this comes from Murky Meg on YouTube. Now, in August 2020 which so happens to be when Meghan’s birthday is, there was an update by Murky in a video which addresses Markle’s 39th birthday which I found really interesting and it makes me question what the actual deal is with Doria, the former actress’ mother and little Archie. Bear in mind that the video was posted in August 2020 so about six months ago.

Murky was given a tidbit from a reputable source which she doesn’t name who informed her that for Markle’s 39th birthday, she had a cocktail party with a few close friends. From what is alleged, these pals include:

  • Gayle King
  • Oprah
  • Daniel Martin – Meghan’s hairdresser
  • Abigail Spencer – a co-star from Suits
  • David Foster – husband to Meghan’s ‘friend’ Katharine McPhee

Apparently, Harry wasn’t in the mood to celebrate and spent the whole event talking to David Foster. Anyway, that’s not the interesting part. The source told Murky Meg that there were no photos of Archie and Doria in the house. However, there were photos of Meghan with the Queen, Charles, and Harry. So, what’s the deal there?

Why Wasn’t Archie And Doria’s Photos On Display?

It’s no secret that the narrative Harry and Meghan are constantly sprouting involves around ‘protecting Archie’. However, what parent wouldn’t have photos of their child or their own parents around the house? Murky also said in like with every source, you need to take it with a grain of salt.

She’s right 100%. However, given the reputation of her source, there was likely some ounce of truth behind it. Now, let’s get onto the real issue at hand. What is the deal?

If Meghan is as close to her mother as she claims, why wouldn’t she keep photos of Doria in the house? Also, Archie wasn’t exactly a public secret. The entire world has seen his face and his arrival wasn’t exactly under wraps. After all, his mother did allegedly announce his pending entrance at Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

Murky said her video that there was probably an explanation as to why photos of Doria and Archie weren’t on full display. However, it also raises the question to why they weren’t present at Meghan’s birthday. Wouldn’t the b’day girl want her mother and son at her event?

Perhaps Doria was babysitting Archie at her house or somewhere on the property and the photos were just moved or put away.

Alternate Theory

Okay, now this going to be my theory as to what the deal with Archie and Doria is. Let’s say that Meghan wanted her party to be perfect. She removed all the photos of her mother and son to make it look like there was no toddler in the house and that her mum didn’t exist.

However, that doesn’t answer the overrall question to why. There’s been a LOT of speculation that Archie isn’t even Meghan and Harry’s child or he’s the prince’s son but not the former actress’.

What I Believe

To end this post, I wanted to say I think on this situation. Do I think that there are photos of Archie and Doria in Meghan and Harry’s house? Yes, I do. If the prince had learned there was no baby, he would’ve left his wife. All he wanted was a family.

I reckon that despite her ego, Meghan wouldn’t be stupid enough to hide Archie and her mother from her friends. If the baby suddenly disappeared or ceased to exist, her friends and Harry would be suspicious. Honestly, so would Prince Charles and the Queen.

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