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Chronicles Of Harkle: My Thoughts On Baby Lili’s Arrival

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I’ve known this was coming for a while but it was just a matter of when the whole situation would play out. Yes, I am talking about the arrival of Baby Lili Mountbatten-Windsor, the daughter of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Now, I have addressed some of this already, especially in THIS post. The Sussexes have been a predictable pair for a while. Look at the stunt that was pulled on their nephew, Prince Louis’ birthday with THAT paparazzi shot. Talk about a scandal! Trying to one-up a three-year-old on his big day is not on! How would Megsy feel if someone did that to her kids? She’d be pissed, for sure! Thank god only Page Six published it and no one else.

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Baby Lili was born into a broken family, started by her mother, Meghan. Sorry, not sorry, Sugars. Before I go on, I want to say I would NEVER want a child to suffer in any way, shape, or form. Archie and his little sister do not deserve to live their lives away from a family who clearly loves them. I covered how different the childhoods of the Sussex kids and their Cambridge cousins are. I’ve also talked about how Thomas Markle has no right to demand to see his grandchildren.

The Sussex children’s great-grandmother, Her Majesty The Queen will never get to meet Baby Lili if Meghan has anything to say about. Now, this is not just my opinion. A load of others have said the same thing and we’re justified to it. Look at how Markle has treated her family and former friends. She talks to none of the people who attended her first wedding to Trevor Engelson. Instead, she has big-named friends like Serena Williams and Katharine McPhee-Foster. Oh, and Chrissy Teigen. Cannot forget her.

Naming Baby Lili ‘Lilibet’ Is A Middle Finger To The Queen From Harry & Meghan

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Meghan and Harry don’t care if they hurt the royal family. They’ve basically given Her Majesty the middle finger and made the non-verbal message of “You didn’t give us what we wanted so we’re taking something else from you.” Who the hell names their child with someone else’s very personal nickname? Now, before I go on here, I want to say that yes, The Queen’s nickname ‘Lilibet’ is known to the public but we don’t use it when addressing her as it is not our business but to address her as ‘The Queen’, ‘Her Majesty’ or ‘Queen Elizabeth II’.

Now, if the royal family was to hit back at Harry and Meghan, they would say that they’re being disrespectful by using such a personal moniker for their child’s first name. Then the couple themselves would likely say, “She doesn’t own the right to use ‘Lilibet’.” This would be like the tantrum they threw over not being able to use the word ‘royal’.

The Archewell press release makes the assumed impression that Baby Lili’s name is meant to be an olive branch towards the family. Umm… sorry, but I personally don’t see it. Why not just name the baby just ‘Lili’ or ‘Elizabeth’ but still call her ‘Lily’ with whatever spelling they prefer? Oh, no wait. Then, her name would be too close to Princess Charlotte’s which in full is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana and we all know how much MM apparently despises their young niece. They just thought they’d go down the more ‘personal’ route and use something that only The Queen is entitled to be called.

Cashing In On Those Royal Ties

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We all know how much Meghan and Harry love to cash in on their royal connections. Baby Lili’s name is just that; a tie to the institution they were so desperate to get away from. So, why name their daughter after the head of The Firm whom they claimed made racist comments towards an unborn Archie? As the Royal News Network points out, in about five years from now, the Sussexes will be totally irrelevant to the world. As the Cambridge children continue to grow up, the spotlight will be on them more as they take responsibility from their parents.

Harry and Meghan are doing all they can to make themselves look and feel important when they’re losing an uphill battle. Also, when George, Charlotte, and Louis marry and have children of their own, the Sussexes will be pushed even further down the line of succession to the point they’ll be cast out almost entirely. More than they already are currently. After all Prince Charles has been looking at slimming down the monarchy for years and it has nothing to do with his wayward younger son and daughter-in-law.

Meghan and Harry have been using their titles for commercial gain. They just can’t seem to get it through their heads that MM isn’t a great actor and Harry couldn’t get into Sandhurst without help. The only reason he got in was because of his station in life as her Majesty’s grandson. Also, Trevor, Meggy’s ex-hubby got her the role on Suits. Oh, and let’s not forget that she had got walk on roles in various films her former spouse produced. Not exactly star quality.

With Meghan’s children’s book coming out and already falling down the bestseller list quicker than anyone can keep track, they’ve only got themselves to blame.

The Birth Of Baby Lili Is Not An Olive Branch To Anyone

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Baby Lili and Archie are going to grow up and see all their friends with their grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and other relatives and are going to question why they don’t have that same connection. Their parents are only going to lie to them and and say that the royal family, the Spencers, the Markles and the Raglands are toxic and they’re the only family they need.

We know that Prince Charles adores his grandchildren. He has allegedly only seen Archie twice since his birth in 2019. There’s the prospect that he could never meet Lili which is just horribly sad. His son is being spiteful and for what? Because he was told he couldn’t have what he wanted when he had been given everything he’s ever asked for leading up to being told ‘no’?

Just a couple of years ago, Prince Harry was PRAISING his father. Now, he’s trashing him for being a terrible parent. He’s one to talk when he’s only been a dad for two years. I spoke about this a while ago. He basically sees himself as the perfect parent when he’s so obviously not. Every person who has children raises them differently. Princess Diana had a very hands-on approach to how she raised her boys. This is the same approach William is taking with his three kids. Though, given his and Catherine’s workload, they have a nanny to watch the children when necessary.

Harry is probably doing the same thing with his kids but we’ve heard Archie had several nannies that were fired because his parents were paranoid after an incident that hasn’t been made public. Who know actually knows the truth outside of the Sussexes?

I’m sorry if anyone actually believes Baby Lili will serve as an olive branch.

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