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Chronicles Of Harkle: The Obama Snub – You Reap What You Sow


Karma is coming back to hit Harry and Meghan without warning. What I want to address is the Obama snub and what that means for the Montecito royals. We know how the Sussexes love to network. Usually, this includes weaselling their way into communities they wouldn’t find themselves associating with if they weren’t bandwagon hopping. Look at the video on The Telegraph’s YouTube channel of Markle talking with Melissa McCarthy as a prime example. Since when did these two cross paths? 

To further the argument, the 40×40 “initiative” is not an original idea as she is taking the concept from Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama.

So, the snub from the Obama birthday bash would’ve stung, especially to Meghan. We all know she loves the public to think that she is friends with all these rich people. However, Barack and his wife, Michelle, put their support behind the royals multiple times. Remember when the former First Lady put her arm around The Queen, and the monarch just embraced it?

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Also, the Obamas value family and don’t appreciate others throwing their own families under the bus. Not to mention, Michelle said and did something interesting after the Oprah interview aired, as per the Today program on YouTube. She chose to remain neutral on the subject. Also, she went on to say certain groups of people don’t understand the true meaning of public service. Is this a dig at the Sussexes and their ‘service is universal’ shite? Maybe.

I’ve always loved how Michelle and Barack speak. If something doesn’t concern them, they’ll do their best to issue a response without skirting around the question.

The Obama Version Of Public Service vs. The Sussex Version Of Public Service

If Barack didn’t care about public service, he wouldn’t have run for President of the United States. Let alone served two terms. There was something said years ago that a black man would never sit in the Oval Office.

When he was elected, it made a lot of racists shut up pretty fast. He generally cares about people. So much so that he tried to do something about the gun laws. How many of his predecessors tried to do that?

Regarding the Sussexes, they claim to care about others. But they do little to assist the struggling communities they claim to serve. Moreover, their children are fathoms that no one has ever seen. Catherine handled the question about seeing Lili [via video chat] with such grace. 

Due to all the secrecy, people believe Archie and his sister don’t exist. We know they love profiting from the mystery and illusion that comes with publicity, especially when it comes to their children. They don’t just court the media for attention. Their PR lackeys are on speed along with friends at various publications.

Barack and Michelle have two primary values; hard work and family. Concisely, this is not what the Sussexes desire, despite saying otherwise. If Harry and Meghan did care about their families, they wouldn’t be feuding with anyone. Also, they’d still be in the United Kingdom, and everyone would be singing Hakuna Matata.

The Stolen Business Model

It has never been a secret that Meghan and Harry have zero creative bones in their bodies.

The Obamas know their business model works. So do Harry and Meghan, which is why they’re attempting to steal and mould it to make it operate to their liking.

Stealing concepts is what they do best. After all, the idea for the Invictus Games is a rehashed version of the Warrior Games. Harry is just the poster boy.

Going back to the Obamas, Dylan Donnelly of the Express says that the Sussexes were not on any version of the guestlist for Barack’s 60th birthday.

Rumour has it that Meghan wanted to go, and desperately at that, as per Jessica Bennett of the New York Post via Why? Because it would’ve been a massive networking opportunity for her. My dear friend, Youtuber Sue Smith, found something interesting. According to what she could find, Markle claims to have gotten an invite but did not accept. So, which is it? My bet is the first. After all, the former actress LOVES getting fluff pieces out there.

This sounds like something that has said before. Remember when The Queen told the Sussexes that they could no longer use their HRHs as per Mikaela Wilkes of Well, the Sussexes said, “Oh, we’ve chosen not to use them.”

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