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Chronicles of Harkle: The Sussex Squad Allegedly Strikes Again…


Usually, I don’t comment on things like this but I felt this had to be. Anyone that knows my work ethic will know when I report on ANYTHING, I try to stick to the facts and keep it as close to the truth as possible. If it’s a rumour, speculation, etc, I say so. I got a rather lovely comment (note the sarcasm) – which I have since deleted of an alleged Sussex Squaddie telling me to check my facts on the post that went up this morning on the Diana Statue unveiling and Meghan’s uncle’s death. The comment supposedly comes from a member of the Sussex Squad which strikes again. Now, I don’t usually care but I will NOT have someone question my credibility.

Now, I will say this ONCE only. I am not perfect at my job and I have never said I am. This morning, I saw a Tweet where it said something along the lines of Meghan putting out a brief statement saying that her uncle was a kind man who she would’ve liked to have met Harry. Now, this was at 8:30 in the morning when I was half-awake. I also know what I saw. I went looking for the Tweet a couple of times but couldn’t find it.

Also, when I wrote, ‘She issued a statement, as mentioned in an article by Hello Magazine‘, this was not talking about Meghan. I was talking about Mike dying, NOT the statement. I am also well aware that the Hello article doesn’t have the statement. The reason I added the link to back up the comment I made about Mike’s death. Also, the Hello article is incorrect on a few things.

I also try to avoid tabloids where I can. Sometimes, it is impossible not to use that one particular source.

No Amateur – Strikes Out Sussex Squad

I am no amateur as I have been running this blog for four years, since 2017. I have been writing professionally since about 2016 when I wrote for Movie Pilot before the site was shut down. Moreover, I also do NOT appreciate it when people tell me what is an accurate source and what is not. This strikes me as someone believing they are putting me down because I know what I talking about.

As I stated earlier, I will only use a tabloid as a source if I cannot find the source anywhere else. I do my best to avoid it. Also, the person who made the comment to me, said Samantha Markle is not a reliable source. This is how I knew the commenter was a Sugar or is supposedly one. I am well aware of Samantha’s past but everything she has said about Meghan in the past few years has come to fruition. Meghan has ghosted people, has turned Harry against his family, has told countless lies. I could go on.

Do I care about what Samantha has done in the past? No, because it not my business. I trust Samantha’s words more than I’ll ever trust Meghan’s.

Finally, the person who made the comment knows nothing about me or how hard I work to make this website as factual as possible. This is not the first time this has happened and it will not be the last. Earlier in the week, someone criticised a rumour post I wrote. They clearly didn’t read the post and missed that was labelled ‘RUMOUR’. I also mentioned a couple of times that I didn’t think the rumour was true.

What I Don’t Do

To wrap this post up, I just want to say that I am so grateful for everyone who has been reading the blog. Whether you’ve been here since the start or have just discovering it, thank you all for being here. Now, on to the title of this section.

I do not post anything unless I am sure I trust the source. That is what a good journalist does. I refuse to allow this blog to become a part of tabloid culture. Therefore, I will continue to say what the post is in regards to news, rumour, speculation, whatever it might be. Finally, I will NEVER make out that something is true when it is not.

To round out the post, I want to say, that I wholeheartedly believe that my work is now strikes fear in the hearts of the Sussex Squad.

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