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Chronicles Of Harkle: Why Are They So Special?


This whole situation with Harry and Meghan is now officially crazy! I can’t believe they’re getting special treatment because they have foreign titles. Now, you’re probably wondering what I’m going on about here. Well, the Sussexes have visited a US Military Base where Afghan refugee families are currently living. Ultimately, this would be incredible if it were anyone who wasn’t looking to profit off the misfortunes of others. According to Fox journalist Rachel Campos-Duffy on Twitter, political figures such as Ted Cruz have been declined from visiting the site due to privacy.

However, why are Harry and Meghan allowed to visit the site? According to Rachel, she has tried to contact the base to report on it. But she’s been knocked back. WTF?

What makes the Sussexes so special that they get special access? These two have done nothing but bitch about not getting their way. They believed their popularity eclipsed the Cambridges, which was far from the truth. William and Catherine play the rules. The Duke and Duchess of Montecito do not. They retort to playing dirty because they think they’re important and fabulous.

Harry is like his uncle, Prince Andrew. I reported some time ago where apparently, Randy Andy wanted to be Prince William’s regent if he became king before he was old enough. 

Andrew thought because he is The Queen’s favourite child, he’d get what he wanted. Going back to “H” he’s beyond redemption.

Harry Fights Back On Camera? Oh, And Meghan’s Snide Comment

[Credit: Hello! Magazine]

I briefly addressed the Intrepid Gala in my previous Chronicles of Harkle post regarding that awful dress. However, this time, I wanted to address something that Jesús Enrique Rosas aka The Body Language Guy bought up in a recent video. He broke down Meghan’s body language on the red carpet of the Gala, which was supposed to be Harry’s time to sparkle as he was presenting.

Anyway, as Jesús says in his video, Meghan is desperate to get Harry to do as she wants. Usually, he does. If you watch the footage, she becomes annoyed when he continues to talk to other people. She attempts several times to get him to follow her.

[Credit: ET Canada]

Harry, to his credit, pushes her hand away. Moreover, this makes me question whether he is waking up to her narcissistic behaviour. Something tells me that she wasn’t attending but ended up going at the eleventh hour.

Speaking of Meghan, she made a snide comment when she was asked if she was proud of her husband. Markle turns to her and says, “I’m always proud of him” snobbishly. What’s more, it’s like she’s trying to hide her frustrations that he’s not obeying her. I can imagine the argument that endured. The photo on the left says everything.

As you can see, Meghan looks pissed! How this photo was taken with their approval is anybody’s guess.

More On Meghan’s Comment

I could dwell on Meghan’s comment all day if I had to, but I won’t as it isn’t worth it. Though, there is one thing I noticed. You would think that Meghan would be happy to be asked questions. After all, she thrives in the spotlight.

Going back to her comment, it was as if she was hoping that Harry would hear her and move to grovel for her forgiveness when they were in private. She also wants to pass herself as an army wife. However, that is where she comes unstuck. Meghan wasn’t around when Harry was in the army. Whether he took his duties seriously is debatable as he didn’t get into Sandhurst the way William did.

Anyway, if Meghan cared about Harry’s army career, she wouldn’t have begged him to put in a good word with Bob Iger, the now-former head of Disney to get her work. If she did care, she would’ve said, “let’s go to the memorial service to show our respects.” In her mind, money and fame were more important than people who had lost their lives.

As I’ve said before, Meghan thrives on attention. Good or bad press, she’s all for it. This comment is her way of making it appear like she’s the proud wife when she couldn’t care less.

Applause Was Not For Sussexes And Harry Reportedly Told To Go Home

[Credit: Daily Express]

In this next part, I wanted to address two other things that happened at the Intrepid Gala. The first topic is the applause that occurred when the Sussexes entered the event and took their seats. They probably believed that the clapping was for them like they did during their appearance at the concert in Central Park during their “royal tour” of New York. It was for the real celebrities like JLo who were performing.

The same applies here. Applause should only go to those who deserve it. The Sussexes happened to be walking in when the clapping was happening for the performers. Also, I’m going to include a small tidbit here. My dear friend Sue Smith on YouTube posted a video last night called God save the Queen… WHAT!!! where she spoke about the British national anthem being played at the Intrepid event. 

Now, this is insulting to the US veterans in attendance. Sue explains that allegedly, Harry and Meghan asked if God Save The Queen could be played alongside the Star-Spangled Banner. The awards were not about Harry in any way, shape or form.

A Twitter user called “Harry aka captain save a hoe”  was allegedly at the event and heard people tell the Sussexes to “Go Home.” Moreover, this doesn’t surprise me. Harry and Meghan aren’t special, and they know this.

Do I believe that Harry thought he was special because he had the national anthem play? Yeah, I believe that. Do I believe what the Twitter user says? Yeah, I do. Harry didn’t deserve to be at the event in the first place. They could’ve had American servicemen or women present. If you do a Google search, there is no reference to the event outside of the Sussexes being in attendance.

“Special” Prince Harry Needs To Grow Up And Meghan Needs To Stop Inventing Their Victimhood Storyline

[Credit: The Royal Family]

Another point I wanted to talk about is what has come out regarding Meghan accusing Prince Charles of “constantly berating” Harry. Now, this makes zero sense.

The story allegedly goes that in her texts to Jason Knauf, Meghan complained that the royals didn’t understand why she couldn’t go and speak to her father, Thomas. She alleges the royals, especially Prince Charles, were taking swipes at Harry for not doing anything to help heal the situation. Sam Clench of wrote that the texts provide a look at the relationship between the Duke of Sussex and his father.

Now, Meghan has never been close to any of her family. I’m not including Doria as we don’t know what their relationship is truly like. Moreover, she doesn’t know the first thing about close-knit familial ties. Before she entered the picture, Harry was incredibly close to a large portion of his family. He adored his nephews, niece and young cousins. So, my question is this. What gives Markle the right to say Prince Charles was “berating” Harry?

Prince Charles isn’t perfect. Whatever concerns he had about Thomas were his way of pointing out red flags. Meghan refused to go to Mexico to visit her dad. Moreover, she didn’t want her father to expose her as a fake. This was why she said it would be “impossible” to talk to him outside of a letter. This brings us to Harry. He’s Markle’s husband, and therefore, it is his job to convince her to hear her father out. Ultimately, this is why the Prince of Wales was “berating” his son. He wanted his new daughter-in-law to fix her relationship with her dad.

Before Meghan showed up, Harry had a “special” bond with his father. If this closeness didn’t exist, why would he invite Charles to chat with him when he did the BBC radio/podcast thing? During that talk, the Prince of Wales refers to his youngest son as, “my dear boy”.

Is Harry Living The “American Dream”?

[Credit: POPSUGAR]

During Harry’s speech at the Gala, he allegedly joked that he was living the American Dream. But, a lot of people are questioning if he is or not. Before last year, he had never been anywhere without the blessing of his family. Now, he’s cut them all off and for what? He didn’t get to talk to his grandfather in person before he died. His grandmother’s health is rocky at the moment and if he keeps pushing her, she could be gone too and he’ll have no one to blame but himself. The Queen is in her 90s for god’s sake! She should be enjoying her final years and not have to worry about a grandson who is worried he’s not “special” enough.

What is the American Dream anyway? A “loving and devoted” spouse, two children and a massive house that needs constant watering and maintenance? Yeah, that’s not the American Dream I think of. I’m Australian and as far as I can tell, we don’t have an “Australian Dream”.

When it comes to Meghan, she believes the world revolves around her objectives as someone of “importance” with a title she doesn’t own. Her husband owns it as Her Majesty gave the dukedom to him. We’ve all seen how she loves to call herself the “Duchess of Sussex” and yet she hates the UK and her in-laws because they’re “racist”. You get the idea. Harry’s need to feel special comes from the fact he ever fully grew up and is stuck in the body of a twelve-year-old boy.

Happy To Exploit Other People’s Children

[Credit: The Sun]

To conclude this post, I wanted to discuss something else that revolves around Harry and Meghan’s need to exploit other people’s kids while keeping their own hidden away. The photo above is from the Sussexes’ trip to the army base in New Jersey where Afghan refugees reside. Outside of Markle not wearing her mask properly, it shows how they’re willing to use someone else’s children for PR.

This is no different to the incident last year where they visited a preschool to planet flowers while the parents of the kids weren’t even allowed to walk in with them. Let’s not forget the New York “royal tour” where they told the kids to hug them and then Meghan walked around in thousands of dollars worth of jewels. Of course, this is all for Netflix. Well, the parents of the kids at the Harlem school were not happy that their children were exploited for some “Duke and Duchess”. First off, most kids don’t know what a Duke and Duchess are. Secondly, how would the Sussexes feel if Archie and Lili were exploited in this way? They’d be suing everyone involved.

Finally, who cares what Archie’s favourite song is? A load of toddlers love “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”. Lauren Cox of Page Six reported in September that Jennifer Garner had paid a visit to an Afghan Refugee Centre in Washington DC. During her visit, she sang “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” with them. Hmm. We know Meghan loves copying other more powerful celebrities. Did she get the idea from Jennifer Garner? Given the similarities, yeah, I’d say so. Nothing with the Sussexes ever a coincidence.

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