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Chronicles Of Harkle: Meghan’s (Alleged) Love Of Emeralds


Marilyn Monroe once sang that girls love their diamonds. But what if the girl adored emeralds instead? It’s speculated that Meghan Markle was eyeing off some jewels before she married Prince Harry.

There’s a long-standing rumour that Meghan wanted to wear a tiara with emeralds to complete her wedding look. The rumour goes that she wanted the tiara to be the showstopper. However, she was told “no”, and she would have to wear another one that Her Majesty The Queen picked for her.

Moreover, there’s been suspicion the tiara she allegedly wanted was the gorgeous one Princess Eugenie wore on her wedding day. There was even talk of the one she wanted was a crown (not a tiara) that is often worn by Her Majesty The Queen.

Now, I don’t usually buy into rumours like this, but knowing Meghan, anything is possible. What’s more, is there is a blind item which I cannot seem to find that mentions that Markle was reportedly pissed because a choker that Princess Diana once wore couldn’t be dismantled and redesigned into an engagement ring. The story goes that she wasn’t pleased Harry gave up the sapphire ring.

Choker Made Of Emeralds

Ultimately, her unhappiness could be the reason why she redesigned her engagement ring to resemble the one her first husband gave her. Moreover, there is a reason why the choker made of emeralds couldn’t be refashioned. Diana never owned it. The choker, which she wore as a headband at times, belonged by the Queen. However, Meghan didn’t appear to understand this and assumed Harry would give her what she wanted.

Meghan Would Not Look Good Wearing Any Emeralds

I don’t usually critique anyone, but emeralds do not suit Meghan, and neither does green. Sure, she can say they do, but she can barely pull off green clothing. Here’s a look at Markle in green.

Now, I would never criticise anyone’s fashion choices because they’re the ones who have to wear whatever it is, but green is NOT Meghan’s colour. Red is more her style. If anything, she’s trying too hard to emulate Diana who looked good in virtually any colour she wore. Note, this is my opinion and I stand by it.

Why Is Meghan Allegedly Obsessed?

Finally, it’s hard to understand why Meghan would want to be decked out in emeralds when they would not suit her? Why does she do anything? She might have a college education, but she’s not used to being told “no”. If she wants something, she can’t be denied. Isn’t that what Harry allegedly said when she didn’t get the tiara she wanted? Whatever the case is, it shows that she wants to one-up every other woman in the royal family who is eligible to wear a tiara.

Since she could not have what she wanted, she allegedly, had to settle for a diamond tiara. According to what Omid Scobie wrote in Finding Freedom which isn’t credible as it came from Meghan, she was happy with her choice. I don’t believe she was happy with it. We all know by now that nothing is ever good enough for her. Like I mentioned, she redid her engagement ring to the point it no longer resembles the one Harry designed for her.

Meghan is jealous that Catherine wears Diana’s iconic engagement ring. Does Markle know that Harry willingly gave it to William? He must have told her how he got the ring while his brother got the watch and how they swapped. I can imagine the look on Meghan’s face now with the black beady eyes, the clenched jaw and the possible comment of how “sweet” it was. God help me.

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