Chronicles of Harkle

Chronicles Of Harkle: How Meghan Markle Sees Us Lowly Peasants


Let’s jump down a rabbit hole for this Chronicles of Harkle post. Us normal, working-class people are peasants in the eyes of Meghan Markle. Yes, I went there. To her, we’re not worthy of interacting with her. She pretends she cares about the people who have nothing but does she really? After all, she cut off her whole family. Plus, we don’t know the status of her relationship with her mother, Doria, as she hasn’t been seen or mentioned in months.

No amount of PR will make the world like her. To the trolls out there who will happen upon this, I am not speaking from a world of hate. I’m speaking from a place of compassion. Honestly, I feel sorry for you. Even you, Christopher Bouzy and Omid Scobie. You cannot see that Meghan views you all as peasants she can exploit.

Anyone who donates to Archewell is lining the Sussexes’ pockets with only 5% of donations going to charity. Our friend Sue Smith did a video in October 2020 where she found that in the United States, only 5% can go to a charity while the other 95% goes towards ‘other expenses’. Meghan seems to think that we peasants aren’t going to be looking into her. Also, she seems to forget that everything she says is in the media can be looked into.

Meghan Sees Peasants And Not Human Beings

Peasants are who Meghan sees when she walks out her front door. She sees her Moneticito mansion as her Buckingham Palace where she’s the Queen. Since she couldn’t marry Prince William and become the next Queen Consort, she had to settle for the next best thing, daft Prince Harry who is a follower, not a leader. Oh, and the man has a mummy issue. Having not had a maternal figure outside of his grandmother in his life after his mother died, Harry was allowed to run around like a chicken without its head.

Meghan doesn’t even see her husband as higher class. She views him as being amongst the peasants. Now, you’re probably wondering how I came to that conclusion. Well, it is because of how miserable Harry looks nowadays. Before he got with his wife, he was happy-go-lucky and said his brother helped him with his mental health. However, fast-forward to now and he is praising Meghan for what he previously credited William for. 

If I had to guess, Meghan is making him credit her for everything. After all, she turned him against everyone who love him. She has total control over his friends. The Inskips and Usain Bolt have all been nixed. Even royal photographer, Arthur Edwards has said on tours, Harry was always friendly and bought the photographers drinks. He added that when Meghan came on the scene, everything changed for the worst.

Heck, she even sees Catherine as being one of the peasants. Remember that death stare she gave her sister-in-law at the tennis?

duchesses; grateful; blame; peasants
[Credit: The Independent]

Having A Royal Title Means Nothing In America

Meghan believes she is superior to other people she thinks are peasants because she has a title. In the UK, it might’ve meant something, but in the US, it means nothing. Even the Republican senators, who she rang didn’t care about her being the “Duchess of Sussex”.

Introducing yourself as a Duchess means little to most people, especially in a country that does not have a monarchy. Also, didn’t Meghan claim she hated being a royal because it was too restricting and “racist”? So, why is she using her title? She sees herself as somebody given her connection to one of the world’s most famous families. 

However, where is the talent? The selflessness? There isn’t any.

She and Harry have monetised their titles. They don’t care about the Queen or the rest of the royal family despite claiming they would never blindside Her Majesty. Their jealousy and spitefulness towards Charles and William show that the Sussexes are nothing more than dissatisfied with their lives.

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