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Chronicles of Harkle: How Meghan Markle Changed Prince Harry

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Prince Harry has changed so much over the last few years and it hurts my brain to think about it. He went from being the fun royal who didn’t care if he was the ‘spare’. There was a time (believe it or not) where people loved and protected him from the horrors that accompanied him after the death of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales. Now, he has become a shadow the man he once was. All I see is someone who thinks so highly of himself that he is willing to throw his brother and sister-in-law under the metaphorical bus to make his beloved (and somewhat jealous) wife happy.

I blame Meghan Markle for having changed Harry into a man who has become despised by the people who once loved him. Look at the mayhem that endured during last year’s Commonwealth service. The prince looked so pissed off. Whether it was because he and his precious Megsy weren’t printed in the programme for the event or something else, I don’t care. I mean, look at THAT photo!

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[Credit: Daily Mail]

This photo just reeks of how entitled Harry has become since he married Meghan. He thought that his grandmother would do what they wanted. After all, his family was suppose the roll out the red carpet for his beloved and they didn’t. *insert eye roll emoji here* It is nauseating to think that this isn’t the prince I grew up watching.

Of all the royals, Harry was my favourite. He didn’t take himself too seriously and he loved doing things to ruffle feathers a little. Sure, he called fellow servicemen questionable things and he dressed as a Nazi at fancy dress party but he was acting out because no one pulled him into line. Why would they? He wasn’t going to be King of England.

Meghan’s Influence Speaks Volumes

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[Credit: Sky News]

During the engagement interview that raised a lot of red flags for people, Harry claimed that Meghan “tripped and fell” into his life. Yeah, I don’t believe that for a second. I’m going to be totally honest here. I’ve never watched the video, but I’ve read about it and seen fragments.

All Meghan does is interrupt him. She also shoots him with heart eyes. He was totally entrenched with her crawling all over him. He had finally found the woman who wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Gag me! All this sugary sweet garbage had already changed him into the man we see today.

Since the wedding, Harry has allowed Meghan to trash his family. For those who either saw the engagement interview or read about it would know he said the BRF would be “the family she [Meghan] never had.” He had already fallen for her victim narrative of having no family. Umm… what about the father who paid for her to go to elite schools and allowed her to be on the set of Married… With Children when he was a lighting director?

Meghan’s race narrative has changed Harry’s way of thinking. If someone doesn’t agree with the way they operate or don’t like his wife, they clearly must be racist. What the actual fuck? No sane person would think this. Now, I’ve never been racist towards anyone. I was raised to accept others, regardless of what they look like. However, the prince’s wife has entrapped him with lies galore!

To say that someone is racist because they don’t like someone is just morally wrong. This changed aspect of Harry’s persona goes to show how much Meghan’s antics have broken him down. This brings us to what allegedly happened on the Australian tour…

Before Harry Changed Too Much: The Australian Tour – Part One

[Credit: Town & Country Magazine]

A few days after Princess Eugenie’s wedding, Harry and Meghan headed off on their first (and only) tour of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Tonga. When they landed in Sydney as per Harper’s Bazaar. It was heavily speculated that the Duchess of Sussex was pregnant. I also covered Meghan’s diva antics.

This had been hinted at days earlier at Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s wedding when Meghan wore a coat with just the first two buttons done up. Anyway, back in Sydney, the news was confirmed that Markle was pregnant with Archie.

Note the two older people in the photo above. The man Meghan is standing away from is General Sir Peter Cosgrove, the then-Governor General of Australia. The woman beside Harry looking away from the camera is Lynne, Lady Cosgrove.

According to Agueda Sanchez on Quora, Meghan played up holy hell while at Admiralty House. Now, before I continue, I wanted to say that I have great respect for Sir Peter and Lady Cosgrove. I went to film school with one of their sons and he had a very strong opinion on various things. There is no doubt in my mind that he learned that from his parents. If what happened with the Duchess of Sussex really did happen, Mrs Cosgrove had every right to step in.

Anyway, onto what allegedly happened with the Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan complained that she wanted the whole of Admiralty House and if Agueda is correct, she [Markle] was only ever polite to the good looking staff. Then, there’s the banana bread situation.

Before Harry Changed Too Much: The Australian Tour – Part Two

[Credit: The Guardian]

Apparently, Meghan ordered the kitchen staff to bake several batches of banana bread until they got it to the way she wanted it. Then there was the tea throwing incident where a staff member made her a cup of tea which she claims didn’t taste right. She then proceeded to throw it the person who gave it to her.

The staff member allegedly was paid by the royal family to keep quiet about what happened. It is also believed that Harry apologised numerous times for his wife’s behaviour. Also, Lady Cosgrove was forced to step in when things between the Duchess of Sussex and the staff got nasty.

When Lady Cosgrove pulled Meghan aside to tell her not to treat the staff like shit, she got a verbal tongue lashing and was allegedly told, “Fuck off! Do you know who I am?!”

Allegedly, all Meghan and Harry did was fight and they ended up sleeping in different bedrooms. Finally, the Duchess refused to wear the Akubra hat she was given as a gift because it was made from rabbit pelts. Though, she was wearing leather shoes which, she should know is from cow.

Harry followed his wife’s lead, presumably, to not upset her. It is also alleged that Meghan and her BFF Jessica Mulroney called the tour “Tour Crap”. It should be noted that the prince had worn similar hats before, pre-Meghan. Also, all this (if it happened at all) occurred when the Sussexes’ popularity was still high with the public and the media.

Why Hasn’t Harry Stopped Meghan Throwing More Temper Tantrums?

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[Credit: The New York Times]

What has changed with Harry since he and Meghan got together is how he is now unable to tell her off without his head being bitten off. It is clear who the dominant one is in that marriage. Anyway, what makes this so surreal is how it appears the prince no longer has his own voice.

Meghan is always saying to use your voice. So, why is her husband not using his against her? Does he realise he is trapped in a marriage where his wife is attempting to control the narrative that is their so-called perfect life? If I’m being blunt, she is the one who is saying the royal family is toxic. She NEVER had any desire to stay in England.

If she did, she would have gotten British citizenship. Going back to Harry, he is always mad and distressed. Most of his speeches are written to be as woke as possible. That’s right. Meghan is writing everything he is saying. He no longer sounds like himself when he talks.

Does Meghan know something about Harry’s family that he does not want getting out? Could this be the reason he has stopped telling her off? There could be any number of reasons why he hasn’t told her off for her terrible behaviour.

Though, if Harry loved his family, he would’ve told Meghan were to get off. However, he was stupid enough to fall for her, “I have no family except my mom” narrative.

Could Harry Have Changed To Appease Meghan?

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[Credit: The Sun]

Harry’s desire to have the perfect life appears to not be as it seems. He wanted something similar to what his brother has with Catherine and their three children. However, he bit off more than he could chew with Meghan. Though as the sayings goes, he’s made his bed and now he has to lay in it.

There is no going back for Harry now. His fear is that his marriage could end up similar to his parents. Diana told the world of her unhappiness on multiple occasions. Though, everyone thought she had the fairytale life. Looking back on it now and I think a load people understand why she spoke out.

Harry could very well be trying to appease Meghan by not getting on her bad side. He changed his perspective to suit what his wife wants. She doesn’t give a toss about the military, despite knowing how much it means to him. All she cares about is being an A-list celebrity. This may explain why he said those horrible things about how servicemen and women were more likely to commit suicide.

The Duke of Sussex would not have said things like this pre-Meghan. He has always had a good relationship with the military until now. Before his precious Meg came into his life, he often said how his fellow servicemen and women treated him like one of their own. As far as they were concerned, he was not the grandson of Her Majesty The Queen.

Instead, Harry has followed the woke path to fame and fortune that Meghan wants. They weigh in on United States politics when they had an agreement with The Queen not to. The list just goes on it is all for money.

Neglected Duties For Fame

[Credit: Vogue]

They’ve neglected the promises they made and now the public have had enough of them. All they do is preach and never do as they have instructed. They just sit on their plush sofa with grins. It is also clear that all Meghan cares about is money and will jump on any relevant bandwagon that is a trending topic at the time.

Currently, their latest investment is Poetry. They have also produced one episode of a podcast for their Archewell Foundation via Spotify. Then, there’s the Netflix deal which they have not yet produced anything for. Hopefully, the streaming service ditches them because they have not done anything for them.

I honestly don’t buy into the whole reality show/documentary thing. It would just be petty. Also, for them to take on two streaming giants is just the confirmation we need. They swapped royal duties for Hollywood. This is also not Harry’s doing. It’s Meghan’s. She knows that having a royal title will get them – or rather her – work without having to put in any effort. It’s greedy and people are not going to take it laying down anymore.

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