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Chronicles Of Harkle: Does Meghan Think Her Title Is Worthless?

Ah, yes. Meghan Markle has once again entered the news cycle, and it’s the subject of her title has come up. Now, any intelligent person knows that she’s on the Duchess of Sussex because she is Prince Harry’s wife. We all understand that. It’s not like we’re going to forget in a hurry as they love shoving their fancy monikers down our throats. Anyway, a story has come up that I wanted to address.

I love watching Neil Sean’s YouTube channel and this morning a video was uploaded regarding something he had heard. According to him, a source explained that Meghan doesn’t see her title as important to her longtime goals of doing whatever it is she wants to do. Now, I call total bullshit on this. The reason for this is that Meghan is always five steps ahead of everyone else.

Her title means everything in the grand scheme of her life. Now, I’m not blaming Neil Sean for this, as he’s only passing on information. Meghan loves having so-called “status”. When she married Harry, you could see whenever she smiled, it was like all her Christmases had come early.

All Meghan has done with her title since she left the UK is monetise it. She’s done interviews, written a children’s book and articles, shown up at events while flaunting her duchess title. If she didn’t care about it, she would’ve stopped using it when she and Harry left the UK. However, she hasn’t and it is now plastered over everything they’ve got their names on.

You get the idea of how the Sussexes’ minds operate. I don’t want to repeat it for the millionth time. Anyway, Meghan needs her title to survive or to “put it plainly put food on the table”.

Privacy Or Status

Harry and Meghan claim they want is privacy. However, they haven’t moved to America to live as private citizens. They haven’t allowed the public an ounce of breathing room since they announced they were abandoning the UK. Everything they do is announced to the world. Well, almost everything. While I respect that everyone is entitled to their privacy, the Sussexes are not respecting anyone else. Not everyone wants to know what their kid’s first word is, or that they’re so smart that their first word is three syllables. Do I think Archie’s first words were “crocodile” and “grandma”? No, I don’t, sorry.

As tired as I am to be reporting on the nefarious duo, it has never been more clear to me that the Sussexes don’t care about status. I’m not saying this because I’m on their side. Oh no. I’m saying it because they’ve stopped suing everyone who disagrees with them. However, they still have their Duke and Duchess titles, which is the only thing that keeps them tied to the royal family. So much for saying that the BRF was full of racists who refused to help them.

Also, Meghan’s dreams would instantly shatter if her title got taken away from her. She wanted to be an A-lister in Hollywood. That happened, but only because she is Harry’s wife. Her so-called “talent” doesn’t exist. Very few people knew who she was. Even Harry admitted during the engagement interview he hadn’t watched Suits and didn’t know who she was.

If Her Title Is Worthless, Why Did Meghan Get A Handbag Embossed?

So, this next point has bothered me long before Neil Sean’s video came out. If Meghan didn’t care about her title, why did she get a Lady Dior handbag embossed with “DSSOS”? Just a brief history of the bag. It was created in 1994, and in 1995, Princess Diana was seen with one, it became one of her most iconic pieces.

Fast-forward almost 30 years, and her daughter-in-law, Meghan Markle, is seen with an identical bag while on her “royal tour” of New York. All the magazines and newspapers were saying that it was a “sweet” nod to Diana. No, it wasn’t and can we please refrain from calling every so-called nod “sweet” and “a tribute”?

Meghan thought people wouldn’t piece the monogram together as Duchess of Sussex or Duke of Sussex is usually abbreviated as “DoS”. Ultimately, this is similar to William and Catherine being “DoC” or the Duke or Duchess of Cambridge. So, why did Mrs Harry add the double “SS”? Knowing her, to stand out. She didn’t want to be too similar to her “horrid” in-laws, so she thought, “Oh, I’ll change it to DSSOS. No one will work it out and I’ll be deemed a genius!”

Yeah, a fat chance at that happening. The world is smarter than she thinks. Moving onto the title itself, Meghan believes that she will be able to keep her title if she ever becomes President of the United States, which I very much doubt she will be. It’s not because I dislike her. It’s due to her inability to handle criticism. How she succeed on Suits is beyond me because the directors would’ve had to direct her, and it’s a form of criticism.

Meghan Can Do What She Wants As Long As It Gets Her Attention

To end this Chronicles of Harkle post, I want to address something that weighs everything up. As long as Meghan gets attention. I know it’s been pointed out a million times before, but I thought I would end this post with my take. So, Meghan’s title isn’t worthless to her. She (and Harry) got all these brand deals because of who they are, not what they can offer.

Let’s look at the Netflix and Spotify deals. Again, it’s been overdone but it’s the best example. I do NOT for a moment believe what Harry told Oprah about their streaming deals being last minute. We know that they were in talks with Quibi before it was closed down. Emer Scully of the Daily Mail reported on this in April. Also, they both knew what they were doing every time they spoke to a talk show host. James Corden. Oprah. Ellen. You get the idea. Their apparent four-book deal. The list goes on.

Meghan doesn’t care if the news is positive or negative as long as she’s in it. So, can you imagine what her reaction will be if the Queen and the UK parliament decide to pull the dukedom? I know I can, and it would be a shitshow.

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