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Chronicles Of Harkle: Meghan Is Ashamed Of Her Ethnicity


Usually, I don’t like having to call people out on their views on their ethnicities, but with all the reports that have been coming out against Meghan lately, I had to say something and I hate to do this but Markle hates her ethnicity. Had to be said. She forgets where she came from and how she came to be.

She claims to be a proud woman of colour, but is she really? Meghan screams racism but she has no idea what it is as she has never suffered at the hands of people flinging insults or vile looks left, right and centre. Embracing your ethnicity is something that a lot of people do but when it comes to people with narcissistic traits, they tend to lean to one side of their lives.

Look at Meghan for example. Long before she got with Harry, she claimed to be white. Then, she started working with UN Women, whom she ended up ditching because they wouldn’t give her the coveted ‘ambassador’ role. According to 9Honey, the duchess doesn’t like to be rejected. We’ve known this a while as we reported an incident involving Meghan hissing at a staffer in Fiji.

The world is beginning to wake up to the fact that Meghan isn’t the innocent victim she makes out to be. She is using her ethnicity as an excuse to act up and to sling mud at her in-laws while corrupting Harry against his family.

Time For A Little Story

It’s time for me to tell a little story about me. All my life I have known that about my Italian heritage. My mother is half-Italian, something she is insanely proud of. My maternal grandfather, her dad, was a full-bloodied Italian born into the harsh desert climates of Alexandra, Egypt to full-bloodied Italian parents.

When I was in high school, old enough to understand my ancestry, I chose not to disclose my heritage. It was not because I was ashamed. I didn’t want to be the target of people calling me a liar or the debatably derogatory ‘W’ word. I was playing it strategically. At the time, people who were of different nationalities would call themselves things I will NEVER say on this blog. That was fine for them but it was not for me.

They can call themselves whatever they want. However, I was raised to respect every ethnicity, regardless if a derogatory term is no longer considered as such. Call me old-fashioned but it’s true. Yes, I’m white, but I respect where my mum came from. This is in great contrast to how Meghan feels about herself.

She Is Both

Meghan seems to have nine lives. She reinvents herself so much that she doesn’t stay as one version of herself too much. There have been rumours over the years that she used to tell people she has was Maltese and various other ethnicities. She also allegedly changed religions several times to match her lifestyle. Whether any of this is true I don’t know and honestly, it shouldn’t matter.

What I see, is an insecure woman uncomfortable with the idea of being of two ethnicities. When she was young, she had her father who did anything for her. Basically, he never told her ‘no’. If she wanted something, she would get it. Then, when she was done with him, she dropped him like all of her old friends and her ex-husband, Trevor and went over to her mother.

I have a post coming soon regarding something revolving around Doria’s involvement with her daughter going forward. Before I continue, this is all alleged. The source this story comes from said they don’t even know if it’s true.

Going back to Meghan, she is not black. But, she is not white, either. She is both. What exactly is wrong with that? If I was mixed race, I would be honoured. She might identify as a person of colour, but we all know why she is identifying with one and not the other. She wants the A-list crowd to worship her because she considers herself to be like them.

There are plenty of biracial celebrities out who are A-listers. Meghan’s friend Chrissy Teigen is mixed-race as are Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, and Tracey Ellis Ross. BuzzFeed compiled a whole list of them and a lot of them surprised me. I had no idea The Rock was mixed-raced.

Meghan Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of Her Heritage

There is nothing wrong with being of two worlds. It means twice the culture and not to mention, the learning experiences would be off the chart awesome. My mother would’ve loved to learn Italian but was never allowed to growing up because her own mother wouldn’t allow it. That is why I have never been able to speak another language outside of English. Mum could’ve taught my sister and I if she had known how to speak it.

I still remember asking mum what the Michael Schumacher car in the movie Cars said and she said, “I’m not sure, but I think he said something about tyres.” I now know that is not what he said as I looked it up.

Meghan is all about status. She wants to be seen as this mover and shaker who happens to be a person of colour. However, every move she makes only shows her as spoilt and entitled. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion and ‘their’ truth, but it hurts others. Look at how unwell her father is right now. The strain of their estrangement is weighing down on him.

She looks down upon people who she deems beneath her. She sees her dad as just that; lower than she is. In fact, she sees her entire family, both the Markles and the Raglands as lower class. This is while she sits pretty at the top of the totem pole. She goes on and on about telling the world to be compassionate and kind. How is abandoning your family either of those things?

Meghan can use her ethnicity as a shield, but it’s not winning her any more fans. In fact, people are losing interest in her.

This has nothing to do with her ethnicity.

Why Meghan Is Not Following Her Father’s Idea Of ‘Draw Your Own Box’

When she was writing The Tig, Meghan published a post called ‘Draw Your Own Box’. In it, she spoke about her father and how he told her to draw her own box when she told him about a test she had done at school where she had to choose her ethnicity and there wasn’t one for people who were mixed-race.

The post gushes over Thomas and how he worked 75+ weeks due to his job as a lighting director. It also talks about how he created a custom Barbie family for Meghan by buying two boxed sets and putting them together. This is the same father she has since abandoned because he ‘betrayed’ her to the press.

She has essentially forgotten this lesson. She forgets that her dad gave her so much when he came from so little himself. He was the one who created the custom Barbie set for her. He’s the one who sacrificed his lottery win for her. Not to mention, he is the one who helped her fuel her car when she was going to auditions in the early days of her career.

The diva antics and the cries of racism when told she could not have what she wanted is not drawing your own box. It shows her sense of entitlement.

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