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Chronicles Of Harkle: Harry And Meghan Release Their Christmas Card But Something Is Off

christmas card

Not being a Christmas Grinch, but I need to talk about the Sussex Christmas Card. There is something up with it that I need to discuss.

Harry and Meghan are crass and inconsiderate. They’ve formed a habit of stealing the limelight away from other royals. The Sussex Christmas Card has come out the day before Catherine’s Carols event. Again, we knew they’d do this because it’s standard practice for them. Anyway, let’s get onto the Christmas card debacle.

Christmas Card
[Credit: Town and Country Magazine] Photo by Alexi Lubomirski

Now, I will admit this is a great photo. However, it’s too photoshopped. Harry’s hair has been darkened. Also, additional hair has been added to his head. Don’t believe me? Here’s a photo of the Duke of Montecito at the Princess Diana Statue Unveiling in July.

Christmas Card
[Credit: ABC News]

Now, take a look at the Christmas Card again. Also, Archie’s hair isn’t that red either. Here’s the photo that Meghan released on Ellen about a month ago.

Christmas Card
[Credit: Heart Radio]

The kid’s hair is NOT that red. I’m sorry to anyone who believes his hair is full-on red, but it’s not.

Sussex Christmas Card Has Other Photoshop Fails

I won’t post the Christmas Card again, but there are other fails that I missed the first few times I saw it. The fingers on Lili’s left hand look odd. Our friend, Sue Smith did a video on it the other day so please check it out if you want additional context on this.

Someone commented on Twitter that Archie is missing an arm too. Also, Lili apparently has very long legs for an infant as they’re sticking out from under Meghan’s arm.

The Blurb Doesn’t Make Sense And The Insult Towards Archie

The Christmas Card has a blurb that essentially gives the allusion that the Sussexes are a giving family. You know, the usual crap they put out. That’s not the issue that we’ve got. We all know by now they’re never going to tell us how much they donated.

Anyway, the blurb doesn’t make sense. It says that the photo was taken sometime in Summer. This makes zero sense because Lili was born on June 4th. In the photo, she doesn’t look three months old. She looks older. I’m not implying anything. Furthermore, I’ll go over what I do and don’t believe about the Sussexes later. For me, the largest insult was the quote:

This year, 2021, we welcomed our daughter, Lilibet, to the world. Archie made us a ‘Mama’ and a ‘Papa’, and Lili made us a family.

Quote from the Sussex Christmas card as transcribed in Forbes.

This quote is an insult to Archie. As Sue pointed out in her video, Harry and Meghan appear to forget that their son is the reason they are a family. He is the firstborn. Lili was a welcome addition. Archie is going to be questioning whether he loved years down the track. I feel sorry for him I really do.

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