Stargirl THEORY: Did Christine Know Cameron Had Powers?


Did Christine know that her son had powers similar to his father?

Is it possible that Cameron’s mother, Christine knew about his powers and was hinting that he had them? That’s the theory we’re exploring today. We’ve rewatching the first season of Stargirl for our 101 fun facts post which is still currently in the works. However, as we were watching the episode, ‘Icicle’ something caught our attention.

As Christine lay dying, Jordan brings a young Cameron in to say goodbye. She tells her son she loves him and that he is special. This is what got our attention.

Is is possible that Christine knew about her son’s pending abilities? We look into this now.

What We Know Already About Christine

There’s not a lot of information on Christine at the moment, but we’re hoping that Season 2 will shred some more light on her. Here’s what we know already:

  • Jordan met her in London and was nervous to ask her out.
  • Christine used to sketch Jordan while she was waiting for him to ask her out.
  • Her artistic skill rubbed off on Cameron to the point he’s main art form is paint like his mother’s.
  • Christine was exposed to an unknown toxin that lead to her getting cancer
  • She was a school teacher.
  • She had the same mindset as her husband; destroy anyone who stands against Project New America.
  • She had a close bond with her in-laws, Lily and Sofus as they were present the night she died.

These are the only things we know about her.

Did She Know About Jordan’s Powers And Identity As Icicle?

While this has not be confirmed, it is implied in the ‘Icicle’ episode that Christine knew or inspired the idea of Project New America. Before she dies, Jordan vows to make the people responsible pay for getting her sick.

Now, we know Jordan did succeed with Project New America to a certain extent. However, this doesn’t give us an answer to our question of whether Christine knew about her husband’s powers.

It’s possible that Christine was aware in the same degree Denise Zarick knew tiny bits of information about William. However, Jordan wasn’t nearly as selective as his ISA lackey. His own parents, Lily and Sofus knew about his powers and Project New America.

If Christine knew about Jordan’s powers and his Icicle identity, it wouldn’t surprise us if it was addressed further in Season 2 as we’re getting more Cameron and probably his grandparents too.

Hints From Jordan

There’s no doubts that Jordan’s plan was almost perfect. He wanted to wipe out corruption and have a world order where everyone is treated fairly. Sounds good, right? It would be if that didn’t mean having to kill 25 million people because they would break Brainwave’s control.

In ‘Icicle’ Jordan makes reference to the promise he made his wife as she lay in their bed dying; to make America a better place for their son. She even says to him just moment before she dies to destroy anyone who stands in his way. We think that’s enough proof Christine knew about her husband, but where does this put their only child?

Where Does Cameron Sit In All This?

Finally, we need to question where Cameron sits in all of this. After all, this is a theory about his mother. Did Christine know that he has powers? We think she had an inkling given what she knew about Jordan. Whether she was aware 100%, is unclear.

Want did you think of our theory? Is it took far-fetched? Be sure to tell us below!

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