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Babes Against Bullshit: Christine Holgate Needs To Stop Playing The Victim


Never in a million years did I think a female CEO would ever pull a stunt as Christine Holgate did. As a wealthy woman, she gifted her executives $5k watches. While this might seem kind if you’re rich, it was actually a stab in the gut for the people who actually put help Australia Post run by doing the actual work. I actually know someone who does so much more for the company than all these corporates who think they’re all that. My dad works as a truck driver where he often does over time to bring in extra money. He should be getting luscious gifts. Not the bigwigs who sit at their oak desks throwing hundred dollar bills around like it’s raining.

It disgusts me that Ms. Holgate would use the excuse of the Prime Minister bullying her to get herself out of trouble. These claims were put out by 9News and other media outlets have been covering the story whenever it comes up. I wouldn’t cover something like this normally, but since my father works for Australia Post, I felt I needed to say something.

I don’t like Scott Morrison given how he royally screwed up by pissing off to Hawaii with his family when Australia was burning during the 2019-2020 bushfires. Yes, I understand that he promised his daughters a holiday, but he could go on a vacay any time he wanted had the coronavirus not happened. He should’ve stayed in the country to support the nation thought one of its darkest times. Also, his response to the Brittany Higgins rape allegations has been lackluster. He uses his young daughters to show himself as horrified. It shouldn’t matter if you have children or not!

Accountability Will Never Happen Because Ms. Holgate Is Rich And Powerful

While this Babes Against Bullshit post has nothing to do with Scott Morrison, I want to point out that given Ms. Holgate’s high position and power that her holding herself accountable for the expensive gifts she gave will never happen. She has already claimed to have done nothing wrong. Ah… yes, she did. While it mightn’t be illegal to hand out gifts, it is highly offensive to all those people (like my dad) who spend countless hours working and get paid $60k a year while all the corporates get like $90k annually for just sitting at a desk or in the boardroom throwing out orders.

Holgate’s victim mentality is weak at best. If she believes playing the victim is going to work, she has another thing coming. Also, people in similar positions will also support those similar to them. Now, I’m not against all powerful people. Just the ones who give the rest of the world the middle finger. Look at some of the work he has done with the African Wildlife Foundation as an example. Yes, I’m aware of the allegations of sexual assault Joss Stone made against him. This is not about that and about all the good things he has done. I’m not condoning what he did in the slightest for those you who might say otherwise.

Many people, rich or not in the high positions tend to forget that they themselves had to work their way to the top of the totem pole once upon a time. Holgate appears to think that because she is a woman with influence that she should be given a free pass because of her success. Sorry, but as a woman myself, she should NOT be given a free ride. Why? Because she royally fucked up! She had a good job and then she went and gave her lackeys expensive gifts and then bitched and said she was bullied.

We End This Here

I’m not going to pretend I know the full story and quite honestly, I don’t really care. But, Christine Holgate needs to realise that being the CEO of a successful company doesn’t mean you can spend money on gifts for your minions and forget about the workers who spend countless hours trying to make ends meet for their families.

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