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Dancing 2020: How Will Christian And Lily Pull Off Their Performances? – Week 7


Given everything going on with the Coronavirus, Christian Wilkins and partner, Lily Cornish will till be dancing, except they won’t be in the studio…

He’s the sweet gay guy who has taken Australia by storm on Dancing with the Stars this year. Christian Wilkins has become a potential frontrunner to take out the mirrorball trophy, but how will he dance tonight with partner Lily if they’re in self-isolation?

This week our celebrities will once again dance to no audience, but that’s not all! They will need to dance twice. No pressure, right?

Ed and Jorja

Ed’s first dance this week is the Charleston.

As much as we cannot stand Ed, his performance looks like fun.

Sharna said the Charleston was made for Ed. Tristan enjoyed it and said it was very Gerry Lewis. Craig said it needed swivel as there wasn’t any.

Ed’s first score is: 25

Ed’s second dance is Argentine Tango.

It’s good but not great.

Craig said the footwork was sloppy but it had power and passion. Sharna said it got hunchy and the sexiness didn’t get there. Tristan said he disagreed with Sharna and Craig and said it was great but sex appeal is different for everyone.

Ed’s second score is: 20

Claudia and Aric

Claudia’s first dance this week is the Foxtrot.

Wow! I wish I could dance like them!

Tristan said it was Claudia’s best dance in his opinion. Craig there was small amounts of gapping. Sharna thought it was beautiful but her right arm was a little wobbly.

Claudia’s first score is: 24

Claudia’s second dance is Paso Doble!

It’s only been like 20 seconds in and it’s already so good! It’s so awesome!

Sharna said Claudia killed the kneel walk as it’s rare for a woman to do that. She’s growing! Tristan said he loves Claudia’s commitment and loved the shaped or at least attempting it. Craig said it was stiff and sticky and loose but loved the storytelling.

Claudia’s second score is: 20

Celia and Jarryd

Celia’s first dance is Tango.

Wow! Sexy as hell!

Craig said some of Celia’s balance was off. Sharna said she loved the blend of two different tangos. Tristan said he was sold on the passion.

Celia’s first score is: 27

Celia’s second dance is Jive.

It looks likes Celia’s really struggling with the bounce action.

Tristan said it was amazing. Craig said she was on fire. Sharna said it was freaking amazing.

Celia’s second score is: 30

Dami and Shae

Dami’s first dance tonight is Foxtrot.

Talk about elegant!

Sharna said it was smooth and pretty. It needed a little more emotional. Tristan said it was fantastic but it was a little bumpy. Craig said it was pigeon toed and devoid of any form of emotion.

Dami’s first score is: 18

Dami’s second dance is Paso Doble.

Paso looks a little stiff but much of it is in time to the music.

Craig didn’t like it but he loves Dami’s spirit. Sharna said she committed everything for her dance but it lacked Paso. Tristan said it lacked strength but commended her courage.

Dami’s second score is: 13

Christian and Lily

Christian’s first dance from his hotel room is the Viennese Waltz.

It’s so hot! Christian is going such an amazing job!

Tristan said he commends them for their situation. Craig said he loved it as they worked with surroundings. Sharna also commended it.

Christian’s first score: 26

Christian’s second dance is Jive.

Go Christian! Go!

Sharna said it was fast and slick and commends despite the mistakes. Tristan said it reminded him of the Breakfast Club. Craig said it was a little stompy and flat footed but they did a great job.

Christian’s second score is: 24

Who Are The Bottom 2?

Claudia and Aric and Dami and Shae are the bottom 2.

Claudia and Aric danced a survival Foxtrot and it was seamless. Dami and Shae did the same. It was a little stiff but it was amazing either way.

Dami and Shae were eliminated.

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