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Home And Away: Christian Proposes To Tori But Will Lewis Get In The Way?


Christian proposes to Tori in Home and Away episodes airing next week but will the engagement last with Lewis convinced the doc killed his wife?

Next week is going to be a huge week for Tori and Christian as the hot doc proposes to Justin’s sister. However, they might end up at the receiving end of new nurse Lewis Hayes’ wrath. The next slate of episodes could be the ones from the promos where the male nurse tells Jasmine that her stepdaughter’s mother’s boyfriend is dangerous.

We know that Justin and Leah love the idea of Tori and Christian dating. Having them become engaged would make them even more excited. We also wrote about it months ago!

How Lewis involves him with the storyline is unclear but we suspect that when Christian proposes, the news gets back to him really quick. This sets him off to the point he alerts Jasmine to how the doc can’t be trusted. This will probably get back to Tori when her daughter’s stepmother mentions it in conversation.

Could Tori mentioned the reason why Christian proposes to her? In her eyes, he is literally the perfect guy for her. He adores Grace and has come to view her as his own. Not to mention, he has saved Justin’s life. Also he [Justin] and Leah love him to bits and see him as a member of their family.

We also need to question how deep Lewis’ vendetta goes. From what we already know, the nurse’s wife, Anna was in a car accident and died. Eerily, her death mirrors Jasmine’s husband, Robbo’s.

Two Scenarios We Can Think Of

There are two scenarios that we can think of that might’ve happened that caused Lewis to develop his hatred for Christian.

Scenario 1

What if Christian was the one who was driving the car that hit Anna’s? He doesn’t realise. Lewis arrives at the hospital only to be told that his wife his dead. After a little bit of research, he discovers the doc was responsible.

Scenario 2

Anna is admitted to the hospital and Christian is the one who operates on her. She dies on the operating table. Lewis is told his wife lost a lot of blood in the crash and couldn’t be saved. This leads him to think the doctor was responsible for his wife’s demise when he actually wasn’t.

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