Oooh! Meghan Is Bound To Be Fuming! The Queen May Attend Double Christening For Two Great-Grandsons


Ouch! The news of Her Majesty The Queen attending the double christening for Zara Tindall and Princess Eugenie’s sons August and Lucas must be stinging Meghan’s ego. Tim Ambrose for the Mirror reports that Her Majesty may appear at the royal event for her newest great-grandsons this weekend. Now, we all know the constantly changing stories over recent months that have said that Harry and Meghan’s daughter, Lilibet, will be christened in the UK. We’ve also heard about how they were all but demanding Her Majesty be there.

Lili is one of four new additions to the royal family this year. Ultimately, this comes off the back of Meghan wanting her children to have princely have titles for the sake of “security”.

Though, Meghan knew this. However, she saw it as unacceptable because her children wouldn’t be classed like the Cambridge children. She wants to milk the titles for money like she has hers and Harry’s.

Meghan’s Not Religious So Why Care About A Christening For Either Her Children?

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Rumours have been flying around for years of how much Meghan reinvents herself.

Anyway, when you marry into the royal family, you have to be part of the Church of England or be willing to convert if you’re not. However, if you decline and you’re in the line of succession, you don’t get a church wedding and your royal spouse may lose their spot in the line of succession.

As the monarch, The Queen is the head of the Church of England. Therefore, her descendants or at least a portion follow suit. So, if the rumours about the Sussexes wanting a Windsor Christening for Lili are true, then why have one if you’re not religious? Well, it has to do with the money shot of Lili with her namesake and not so much religion. Also, there’s been no news of whether Harry and Meghan attend church in the US.

Meghan converted to the Church of England before marrying Harry because if she hadn’t, she couldn’t have a church service. She could’ve had a civil ceremony as Charles and Camillia did, but no. She wanted the multi-million dollar televised wedding.

Christening Would’ve Been A PR Stunt

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If the christening had gone ahead as the Sussexes wanted, the entire event wouldn’t have been about their daughter. Moreover, it would’ve been up there with the identities of Archie’s godparents being a secret. Also, the Queen doesn’t attend all royal baptisms. She wasn’t at Archie’s christening, and she didn’t go to Prince Louis’. It depends on her schedule.

Let’s go back to Meghan’s desperate need for fame. For her, she didn’t want people going to the press and revealing her true motivations. Moreover, this is why she didn’t want Archie’s godparents revealed. If their names were out in the open, people would pepper them with questions. Her worst fear is that one of them would talk. Again, this is Markle’s way of controlling the narrative and minimising the negativity.

The event, as we’ve noted, would’ve been more about Meghan rather than the child. It would be about what she was wearing, how good she looked. You know, the drill. It’s the absurdity of the situation that makes her appear ridiculous. She knows her fans will buy into her scheme of wanting to be a regular “peasant”. However, she’s not normal. She married a prince and got a foreign title.

Her Majesty gave the dukedom to Harry, and she [Meghan] only has it because of who he is. Moreover, their children could’ve had courtesy titles, but no. She wanted princely titles because she sees them as being better than the Cambridge children, one of whom [Prince George] will someday sit upon the throne. Her son, however, won’t get close.

How We Imagine Meghan Will React To The News

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How would Meghan react to the double christening news? If we’ve come to know her (via the media), she will throw plates, complaining that her child should have a baptism in front of the Queen given where she sits in the line of succession. Now, we don’t know what her relationship is like with Eugenie or Zara, outside of Eugenie (apparently) still being her friend.

Whether Zara and Eugenie care about Meghan’s opinion is anyone’s guess, and honestly, it doesn’t matter. Meghan’s lies have been exposed time and time again. Zara and Eugenie have never gone to the press about anything. They’ve never complained once about their royal upbringings. Zara has remained down-to-earth as her mother who is Princess Anne allowed her to have a relatively normal upbringing alongside her older brother Peter.

Until Prince Andrew became public enemy number one, Princess Eugenie and her sister, Beatrice was raised out of the spotlight. Normally, they only popped up at family events. However, they’re now more prominent because of their connections.

Finally, we wanted to point out that Meghan shouldn’t be too upset that her children haven’t got titles. Outside of the Cambridge children who do have titles, none of the other great-grandchildren have titles.

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