Chris Wood Proves He’s Just As Much A Superhero As Wife Melissa Benoist

Chris Wood

He might’ve played a selfish prince on Supergirl, but Chris Wood is anything but! He’s recently shown his support for his wife Melissa Benoist after her revelation of being a survivor of domestic violence.

He’s played an egotistical prince who became a superhero in Supergirl and a power hungry Siphoner in The Vampire Diaries and Legacies, but Chris Wood is a hero in his own right. In a tweet to celebrate Thanksgiving he posted:

This tweet comes after his wife, Melissa Benoist revealed on Instagram that she is a survivor of domestic violence. Being the great guy that he is, he used the hashtag #IStandWithMelissa. We couldn’t be happier that she’s married to such a great and supportive guy.

Melissa is so strong and having such a supportive husband like Chris is an added bonus. As we mentioned in our earlier post on the topic, no woman (or man) should be abused by their partner. The abuser is only scared that their partner has more influence than them.

You’re a hero, Chris Wood and we’re so proud of Melissa for making a stand against her abuser. All of your fans are so lucky to have such great role models in you both and we’ll always have your backs. Always.

As for Melissa’s abuser, we hope he goes into hiding and never comes out. We know who you are. YOU know who you are. If you think you’re safe since your name wasn’t mentioned, think again. No woman should be treated the way you treated Melissa. You’ve obviously got problems with seeing women talking to men regardless if it’s not romantic. Wake up to yourself! You’re a grown man acting like a man child! Melissa had no right to be scared to go to work on a show that SHE’S the star of! You’re just jealous that she’s a bigger star than you. Grow THE FUCK UP!

Okay, we’ve said our peace.

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