Moderator Chris Wallace Blames Donald Trump For Trainwreck Debate

Chris Wallace

To probably no one’s surprise, Chris Wallace, the moderator behind the trainwreck presidential debate earlier in the week has come out swinging at President Trump…

“What. just. happened?” Those were the words we were thinking when we saw some of the first of three presidential debates in the United States earlier in the week. We feel sorry for moderator Chris Wallace to an extent. Before you Americans take a swipe at us, just listen to what we say before you criticise.

In an article published by Nine News Australia journalist Nick Pearson, Chris Wallace, the US journo who moderated the first debate has come out swinging at President Donald Trump for the colossal trainwreck that endured. Oof! Talk about painful to watch!

Chris Wallace has blasted Trump for ‘putting his foot in it’ by interrupting presidential candidate Joe Biden a total of 145 times during the course of about 90 minutes. The length of the debate comes from an article by Time.

It should be noted that this is the not the first time Trump has interrupted an opponent. During the 2016 debates, he constantly spoke over Hillary Clinton according to an article by the Independent.

Trump Is A Bully!

It is no secret that Trump is a bully! In 2016, he told Hillary Clinton that he would have her put in prison if he won the election. He did, but didn’t follow through with his so-called threat. Also, he resorted in using Hunter Biden’s past with drugs to make Joe look bad and to discourage people from voting for him.

Trump has a load of skeletons in his own closet. Just ask his niece, Mary. He was raised to make people feel inferior to him. He has bullied countless people like Swedish activist Greta Thunberg simply because she has a disability.

Truth of the matter is, Trump is the whole reason the debate was a trainwreck.

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