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The Chris Dilemma: Who CARES?!


There is suddenly a conflict of interest in which Chris is the better one. Well, we’ve got something to say: Who the FUCK cares?!

The world has a serious problem. With the success of superhero films, it has suddenly become apparent that there are so many actors with the same name. Chris. Tom. Benedict. We could go on.

Over the weekend, television producer writer Amy Berg posted the following Tweet, according to Nine Honey:

[Credit: Amy Berg – @bregopolis – Twitter]

There are four actors with first name Chris: Hemsworth, Pratt, Pine, and Evans. Sounds simple, right? Wrong! The idea was for people to chose their least favourite.

The end result was Chris Pratt was the least desired amongst fans. The reason? He’s not as vocal about politics and religion than the others are. Big. Fucking. Whoop! Who cares what someone believes! It’s his life! He can do what he wants with it!

Pratt’s co-stars and his wife have come out in defence of him.

For those who don’t know, Chris Pratt is the husband of Katherine Schwarzenegger whose family is well-known for being involved in politics. Her dad, Arnold was Governor of California while her mother, Maria is a member of famous Kennedy family through Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

Leave Chris Pratt Alone!

God people! Who cares if Chris Pratt is not as politically sound as his Marvel cast mates. That is his business. Just because Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana, and Brie Larson sound off on their opinions doesn’t mean everyone else has to.

Yes, the Presidential election is important in America, we understand that but criticising someone who doesn’t want to voice their opinion on something they don’t particularly care about shouldn’t make you hate them. There are a ton of celebrities who haven’t voiced their views on the subject and you don’t harp at them.

Also, you cannot force someone to go to an event that obviously doesn’t interest them. People have criticised Pratt for not attending the fundraiser set up by the Russo brothers in support of Joe Biden. There was probably other Marvel stars that weren’t in attendance.

Who Cares, Really?

Who cares which Chris is the worst or the best? We don’t and certainly do not lose sleep over it. All the actors have a special place our hearts. Get an actual hobby, people!

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