Meghan Markle’s Wedding Dressmaker Says The Former Royal “Misjudged” What Her Role Would Be

Chloe; only child

Chloe Savage, Meghan Markle’s wedding dressmaker says royal “misjudged” role within The Firm…

There surprisingly hasn’t been a lot of stories on Meghan Markle as of late. However, there has been one that we weren’t going to cover but decided to anyway. Chloe Savage, the dressmaker who put together the ex-royal’s wedding dress has alleged that the Duchess of Sussex ‘misjudged’ her role within her husband’s family, according to 9Honey.

“Misjudged” is a bit of an understatement. Meghan knew what royal life was like via all the biographies she had read on her late mother-in-law (and obsession) Princess Diana. Chloe, who worked on Markle’s bridal veil, says the following:

I don’t think [Meghan] was prepared for the things she could and couldn’t do, say, and wear.

Chloe Savage on Meghan “misjudging” her role in the Royal Family.

This isn’t exactly news. We know that Meghan had no regard for the rules of the royal family. She complained every time she didn’t get her own way.

Anyway, going back to Chloe. The Sussex wedding wasn’t her first royal nupitals. She also did the embroidery on the wedding dress of Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge. She also worked on the Harry Potter films with their costumes.

Meghan Knew How Hard The Royal Family Works

[Credit: Closer Weekly]

We don’t believe for a second that Meghan ‘misjudged’ anything, though Chloe is on the right track. The former actress apparently wasn’t known for being a ‘humanitarian’ until about 2016. We should note that we heard this and haven’t actually had a chance to look into it.

Chloe’s comment about how Meghan ‘misjudged’ what her role would be in the royal family comes at a time where the former actress still doesn’t understand that you can’t keep something that was never yours to begin with. What we mean by this is her title of ‘Duchess of Sussex’. She doesn’t own the title. Since she and Harry ‘quit being royals’, she has been lapping up the use of her moniker.

Every time she appears in some forum she is addressed as ‘the Duchess of Sussex’ in some form. If she and Harry are stripped of their titles, it would force the world to see that Meghan is not the authentic person she claims to be. You can’t quit the royal family and expect to keep your titles.

She was not born with them. The only reason she has the title ‘the Duchess of Sussex’ is because her husband got gifted the moniker on the day of their wedding. We can just see the tantrum she is going throw from this desk we’re sitting at.

In conclusion, when Meghan agreed to marry Harry, she it meant instant fame. Therefore, she wasn’t stupid and knew that if she had a title, it would make her a lot of money.

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