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Home and Away: Mac Fires Chloe And Chloe And Ryder’s Lovey-Dovey Behaviour Begins To Annoy Everyone


Chloe finds herself being fired by boyfriend Ryder on the orders of their boss, Mac but it has so much more to with the business owner’s shattered relationship with Ari and her hatred for Mia…

When Mac promotes Ryder to her second-in-charge and her first order is for him to have his girlfriend, Chloe fired. This doesn’t sit well with him, according the latest promo for the upcoming episodes. Wanting advice, he asks his grandfather, Alf who tells him he doesn’t have to do what his boss wants him to do. Though, we seriously doubt is how Mackenzie is going to react.

We all know why Mac wants Chloe fired. Ari broke her heart by dumping her and going back to Mia. She is taking her beef with him out on his family. While he doesn’t realise how hurt she is. She has had to go through her ectopic pregnancy alone. He fails to see how this is affecting her while he plays happy family with his ex. He has no shame in her eyes. She cannot even see Tane with Ziggy without think of her ex

Not to mention, having to see Chloe at work means Mac is constantly reminded that Mia is now Ari’s main squeeze.

Lovey-Dovey Behaviour Gets Worse

Chloe’s lovey-dovey behaviour with Ryder begins to get on everyone’s nerves. Last week we saw the pair gatecrash Nik and Bella’s weekend away which grated on the photographer to the point that she and Nikau decide to get even with them by attempting to scare them into leaving.

This comes after Chloe and Ryder pop up everywhere Nik and Bella are, giving them no time to be together where it is just the two of them. This is probably going to irk Mac too if they are too open at work. It would also make Ryder feel worse though he doesn’t know what is actually going on.

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