Sussex Drama: Prince Charles’ 70th Birthday Family Photo Labelled ‘A Nightmare’


It was supposed to be an innocent get together for Prince Charles’ birthday, but the family photos to commemorate the occasion proved to be a colossal nightmare…

Prince Charles will one day be king. The last thing he would’ve wanted is his sons, William and Harry fighting. If Finding Freedom is correct, the photos released for the prince’s 70th birthday were a ‘nightmare’ to shoot.

According to an article written on, the two Dukes are known for their ‘hot and cold’ attitude when it comes to their father. The photo shoot is alleged to have been a total nightmare. Why? Neither of the princes tried to make themselves available. Despite the happy family dynamic in the below photos, there was much more going than the public knew.

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If there was drama, it’s safe to say that the issues between the Sussexes and the Cambridges were just beginning. To get Harry and Meghan standing side-by-side with William and Catherine when they were feuding is really ballsy when these two couple have differing opinions.

It’s clear that Harry and William love their father and will do anything to keep him happy. But their issues aren’t with Charles. They’ve got problems with each other. Also, Meghan dragging her husband and son to the other side of the world does not help the situation.

When Everything Goes Out The Window

Gone are the fun moments where Harry is see laughing with his brother and sister-in-law. He and Meghan are very quick to judge the media. It is their own fault they’re in America. It is not fair on Charles to have to see his sons fight because of his beloved second daughter-in-law who never tried to be a decent royal wife.

If we were William and Charles, we would’ve told Harry and Meghan not to show up for the photo shoot at all. Why? There was already enough turmoil thanks to Megsy’s dramatics pre-wedding. We know that sounds harsh, but the Sussexes are trying to make the situation about them.

The event was about bringing the family together. However, it ended up being a total nightmare. The Sussex v. Cambridge feud at the time of the photo shoot was only the beginning of a spiralling of events.

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