Sussex RUMOUR: Did Harry And Meghan Steal Charity Funds Which Served As Catalyst To Them Being Kicked Out Of The UK?

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Was the disappearance of charity funds the reason why Harry and Meghan left the UK?

The Sugars would likely be jumping up and down screaming that the Sussexes would never steal from the needy to line their pockets. But, markenews1 on Instagram found a rather interesting tweet from a person calling themselves Luca. They told well-known royal follower, Baroness Bruck that a person who works inside Kensington Palace informed them that Harry and Meghan were (allegedly) caught stealing charity funds. This resulted in them being kicked out of the UK.

We’ve been doing a bit of research into this. Earlier in the year, an investigation was conducted into whether charity funds had been handled incorrectly. The Oldham Times in the UK reported at the time, thanks to a tweet put out by the Charity Commission that the Sussex Royal Foundation (or MWX Foundation as it was renamed) didn’t breach charity law. But, they did stress that documentation should have been done better.

This brings us to something that Harry bought up during the Oprah interview where he said his family ‘literally’ cut him off financially in the first half of 2020. Could it be possible that he was hinting at whether he and his beloved Meghan were caught redhanded stealing? Is it possible that they thought by siphoning off the money to their own bank accounts that people wouldn’t notice the missing cash that is meant to be going to charity? Who knows at this point.

It is so tiring having to report on the Sussexes ALL of the time, but the world wants the truth and it’s our job to give it to them.

Do We Believe This?

Do we believe any of this? It’s a bit inconvenient that this information comes out now. A load of people have questioned for a while whether Harry and Meghan could’ve been stealing from their own charity. This isn’t exactly news to anyone. The Charity Commission’s findings said they didn’t do anything wrong. But, they could’ve been paid off to say there was nothing wrong.

Honestly, we don’t really care at this point. We’ve got better stories on the royals to report on then whether money was stolen. It should never have been done, but Meghan and Harry are desperate to live a billionaire’s lifestyle as millionaires. Good luck on that one.

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