Meghan Markle Didn’t Return To The UK For Grandfather-In-Law Prince Philip’s Funeral Because She Didn’t Want To Be “The Centre Of Attention” – Save Us… Please?

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For someone who loves being the centre of attention, Meghan really missed the mark on this one…

Meghan Markle thrives off being the centre of attention. Just ask anyone who knew her as she was growing up. In the wake of Prince Philip’s death at the age of 99, she has claimed that the reason she is not returning to the UK for the funeral is because her doctors have not given her clearance given her pregnancy. However, there is another reason why she didn’t go back; she didn’t want to be the face of the farewell for her grandfather-in-law, according to the Daily Mail. This tells us one thing. She thought people would be talking about her. Ummm… we’re going to talk about her regardless of whether she goes or not.

She even takes it one step further and says, according the aforementioned Daily Mail article, that she shared a ‘special bond’ with the late Duke of Edinburgh and ‘adored’ him. Umm… right. Okay, whatever you say Megsy. This didn’t stop her from throwing the whole royal family under the bus during the Oprah interview which went ahead when it shouldn’t have. As someone who loves being the centre of attention, she knew that she would not be wanted there. She is a disgrace to the royal family and there would be hell to to pay if she showed her face.

The public hates Meghan and Harry at the moment. It’s a miracle that the Duke of Sussex wasn’t spotted returning to the palace. Currently, ‘H’ is at Frogmore Cottage isolating for five days leading up to the funeral. He will walk behind his grandfather’s coffin as he did at the farewell for his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales when he was 12-years-old.

Even When Something Isn’t About Meghan, She Still Makes It About Herself

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Prince Philip’s funeral was meant to be about him, but Meghan has still managed to make the event about her, putting her as the centre of attention. By having one of her ‘so-called’ friends go to the Daily Mail and say that she didn’t go with Harry but was supporting him from afar makes us wonder if this was her way of getting herself included without having to physically be there.

When it was announced that Harry would be returning to the UK, people were speculating whether Meghan would join him. Though, it came as no surprise when it came out that she wasn’t. After the Oprah interview, the royal family can see her through her more clearly than they ever have before. Also, if Princess Anne was the one who made the so-called ‘racist’ comments, then it didn’t go in Markle’s favour as no one has even mentioned it outside of a few news reports.

Meghan is notorious for spinning stories from something that wasn’t too big of a deal. Look at what happened with the wedding situation. She made the claim she and Harry were married three days before the Windsor wedding. However, a vicar came out saying that it would be illegal if the Archbishop of Canterbury were to marry the Sussexes twice. The wedding certificate even confirmed the claim was false which is proof for us that she didn’t know the difference between a marriage ceremony and private vows.

If Meghan And Prince Philip Had A Special Bond, Then Why Did He Warn Harry Not To Marry Her?

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Now, our final point on this post is Meghan’s comment of her having a special bond with her late grandfather-in-law. Prince Philip is alleged to have told Harry the following according to The Sun:

One steps out with actresses, one doesn’t marry them.

What Prince Philip allegedly told Harry regarding his desire to marry Meghan.

It should be noted that before the late Duke of Edinburgh married The Queen, he dated actress, Cobina Wright Jr. Also, Harry’s former girlfriend, Cressida Bonas is an actress. The Duke of Sussex has a type it appears. Anyway, we doubt very much that Prince Philip would’ve allowed this statement to have been heard by Meghan.

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