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Here’s A First Look At Catwoman: Hunted


Catwoman has always been the type of antiheroine who never truly reveals her motives. Sometimes, she’s on Batman’s side. Other times, she’s playing her own game. Over the years, we’ve seen versions of Selina in live-action, but she has not always been the focus. Also, we’re including the awful Halle Berry film, Catwoman, despite her not actually being Selina Kyle or Holly Robinson.

In 2022, we’ll be treated to an animated film based on Catwoman that sees her steal a jewel and has her “working” with Batman’s cousin, Kate Kane. Actress Elizabeth Gillies introduced a look at the film during DC FanDome whilst also talking about how the character will be celebrating her 80th year in the comics. Here’s a look at the panel from the GameCorpCrew On YouTube:

[Credit: GameCorpCrew on YouTube – YouTube]

The movie will feature Kelly Hu, who reprises her role of Jade Nguyen/Cheshire. However, it’s unlikely to be the same version despite the design being similar to Young Justice. Moreover, Catwoman: Hunted will have Selina being hunted by a number of other DC villains. These individuals either want her dead or the jewel she and Kate have stolen.

When we were writing the few notes we got on this movie, we mistook Cheshire for Katana. Our bad! Anyway, characters that will appear in this film are Solomon Grundy, Talia Al Ghul, Tobias Whale, Cheetah, and Julia Pennyworth. Finally, this film is going to be interesting as Catwoman is often a supporting character to the Bat-family and will propel her to a staple role that will leave audiences wanting more, especially those who love anime.

In conclusion, this will be the second project to have Catwoman in a leading role behind Zoë Kravitz’s take on the character in The Batman. Kravitz’s version of Selina Kyle will see the character in the early years of her time as a cat burglar.

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