As Catherine Reaches 40, We Look Back At Some Of Her Most Selfless Moments


This is what 40 actually looks like. Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, turns the big 4-0 on January 9. For almost 11 years, she has shown what it truly means to be a future Queen Consort. She’s patient, kind, and engaged in getting to know the people she will one day serve as Prince William’s consort. What’s more, is she doesn’t go to the media every time something doesn’t go her way. Instead, she keeps her head down and gets on with the job. That is what a true royal does.

To celebrate Catherine on her milestone birthday, we thought we’d go over five of her most selfless moments over the last 11 years.

Sharing Her Children With The World

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Catherine understood from the beginning that to be a royal means you have to share some of your family life with the world. Furthermore, this is what she and William have done since their eldest child, Prince George was born in 2013. To make it special, she takes photos of the children herself.

While she classes herself as an amateur photographer, Catherine has a way of adding a personal touch to the photos. She can bring out George, Charlotte, and Louis’ personalities the way a professional cannot. The photos are released on the kids’ birthdays or other occasions that she sees fit. One example is the photo of Charlotte with the butterfly in her hands.

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Another photo Catherine took herself was the one in 2018 of The Queen, the late Prince Philip, and the seven great-grandchildren that were born at the time.

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This photo was released after Prince Philip’s passing in April 2021. It sparked backlash because Archie Mountbatten-Windsor wasn’t included in the photo when in reality, he hadn’t been born yet as he was born in 2019.

Modest Wardrobe

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Catherine rarely steps out of line when it comes to fashion. While she does wear ballgowns, she wears jeans and sneakers when the occasion calls for it. Unlike a certain former royal, the Duchess of Cambridge does not pay a fortune for her clothing and will wear outfits again after a length of time.

She will wear outfits from Zara and other non-luxury brands. Moreover, the expensive brands will only come into play, usually for formal events. Catherine emits class and elegance in everything she wears. While there are some outfits that we do not necessarily like, there are individuals who do. Also, almost everything is tailored to fit her like a glove.

Catherine is not petty and doesn’t need to spend a million pounds/dollars to look good.


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Catherine’s Hold Still contest was a massive success, with a book of the 100 photos from the winners being published. One of the winners was Lynda Sneddon, whose young daughter Mila was diagnosed with cancer. With her little girl doing chemo, Lynda took a photo of her partner and Mila on opposite sides of the window as he couldn’t be in the house with them.

Furthermore, Catherine took the time to ring the Sneddons and the other finalists personally and to ask them questions regarding how their photos came to be. When she spoke to Lynda and Mila, Catherine commented on how polite Mila was and allowed her to ask her a question which was whether she was wearing a pink princess dress.

Catherine admitted she wasn’t, but promised that when they met in person, she would. The duchess kept her promise. When she and Prince William were in Scotland, they met with the Sneddon family at Hollyrood. They kept in touch, with the family being invited to the Westminister Abbey Carols at Christmas service.

Small Correction

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Catherine is a modest human being who is always willing to answer questions from the public, no matter how unexpected. While out on an engagement, the Duchess of Cambridge was asked if she was a princess. She kindly responded that she was not a princess but a duchess.

A princess is born. Princess Charlotte, Catherine and William’s only daughter, is a princess as she was born as one. The same applies to Princess Anne and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

Catherine’s response is in great contrast to her sister-in-law, who we shall not name. Said other duchess was asked on a school visit to Harlem, New York, if she was a princess, and she said, “Yes, I’m a princess.” This response was referenced in a now-deleted video from a mother whose child attended the school, and the child told her what was said by the American duchess.

The Duchess of Cambridge is not full of herself. She doesn’t go around flaunting her privilege as it is not the centre of her universe. Her family is.

Always Grateful

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[Credit: The Royal Family]

For our last point, we wanted to explore how Catherine is always grateful. Unlike a certain someone, the Duchess of Cambridge had to earn everything she was been allowed to do. It took years.

She knows what her future holds for her. One day, she will be the Queen Consort to King William V if that is the name he chooses to take. Catherine understands what her role is. She supports her husband and doesn’t draw attention to herself as she is not the star of the show.

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